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Hi all, I know this might be a bit confusing, but do not want to comment more until after you’ve given me your HONEST input. Please understand that you may be making incorrect assumptions, but I still want to know what you think. After you’ve told me it’s boring/terrific/confusing/whatever, I’ll post more on this, but right now, I’d like your first impression. If you walked up to my table and saw this banner, questionnaire, and brochure, tell me what you’d be thinking on the inside, even if it’s not complimentary. Thanks! Oh, and don’t bother commenting on the formatting…I’m looking for input on the content.


XXXX Group

“Helping Working Millennials in Need of Greater Stability”


XXXX Group

Can You Answer These Questions About Millennials?
1. Are Millennials spoiled/entitled/need constant praise?
2. Do Millennials have unreasonable job expectations?
3. Do Millennials mooch from their parents?
4. Do Millennials marry?
5. Do Millennials believe in a creator?

The answers can be found below. See how the facts measure up against your perceptions.
Thanks for taking the time to check us out! If you want to know more about XXXX or have questions not covered in our brochure, please fill out the form below and turn it into one of our members.
Name ____
I have questions regarding:

XXXX operates under XXXX Group, a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt public charity.



XXXX Group

“Helping Working Millennials Who Have Nowhere Else to Turn”

Where can working Millennials without family support turn when facing one of life’s roadblocks? Who do they contact if they need help with rent or utilities?

Millennials face challenges unknown to previous generations and when emergencies arise, many have nowhere to turn. Some are struggling because their parents have been largely absent in their lives. Others have parents who are simply unable to help, either because they struggle financially themselves or younger siblings need their attention.

When all other avenues of assistance have been exhausted, the XXXX Group steps in to help, using a multi-faceted approach that includes mentoring, professional counseling, budget advice, and/or financial assistance.

Why Was XXXX Started?

While detox and rehab centers are key components to eradicating addiction in XXXX County, the XXXX Group believes that the root cause, hopelessness, is not being fully addressed.

XXXX steps in and helps before hope is lost and self-destructive behavior starts. The goal to successfully lift millennials to stability is being attained in numbers that surprise even board members.

XXXX is not a give-away program

XXXX is not an emergency fund, but recognizing that a quick response results in greater success, it strives to keep a healthy balance between incoming donations and outgoing gifting. There are times when a request amount may be reduced or denied if there is no clear path to greater stability. Recipients are expected to participate fully in programs, if applicable, as well as “pay it forward” with volunteer hours.


Five Misconceptions about Millennials

  1. Millennials are self-absorbed, entitled and need constant praise.

Spoiled. Entitled. Demanding. We’ve all heard the accusations, but how justified are they? Are young people wrong for expecting instant affirmation or believing their parents’ promise of a limitless sky? Are they wrong for accepting an award at the end of year ceremony put on by their parents, coaches, and teachers?

The truth: Today’s young people work longer hours with few, if any, benefits, lower pay, and no job security at all. Many must patch together two or more jobs to make ends meet.

  1. Millennials have unreasonable job expectations and tend to change jobs often.

The Recession was especially hard for those just entering the job market. Millennials, raised to be comfortable with technology, see no issues with telecommuting and view healthy cafeteria/vending machine choices and company gyms as benefits that result in fewer “sick” days.

The truth: While the perception of job-hopping is common, it’s not accurate. Millennials tend to stay in the same job for an average of 5 years, longer than Gen Xers at the same age.

  1. Millennials don’t buy houses/would rather live with (off) their parents.

Many Millennials entered the job market in an uncertain economy. They earn less money and receive fewer benefits, creating difficulty in saving for a down payment and/or managing a monthly payment and financial responsibilities of home ownership.

The truth: Many experts believe that home ownership will increase with age, but crushing student loan debt, the trend to marry later in life and close family ties are strong factors for “Boomerang Kids”.

  1. Millennials don’t get married.

Millennials tend to marry at a later age (27 for women, 29 for men), creating a skewed perception.

The truth: Only 25% are projected to remain single by their 40s and 50s. The reasons for delaying marriage vary from career/financial security to waiting for the right person.

  1. Millennials do not believe in God.

75% of the “Millennial Generation” (roughly ages 17 through 35) are believers. Many, however, have no interest in the typical denominational faiths and attend services far less often than the post-war generation.

The truth: A Pew Report study (Religious Landscape Survey, 2007) reveals that the percentage of millennials who pray is almost exactly the same as the Baby Boomer generation and Gen “X”:

“Among Millennials who are affiliated with a religion, however, the intensity of their religious affiliation is as strong today as among previous generations when they were young. More than one-third of religiously affiliated Millennials (37%) say they are a “strong” member of their faith, the same as the 37% of Gen Xers who said this at a similar age and not significantly different than among Baby Boomers when they were young (31%).”

Could it be that the Millennial Generation really isn’t that different from those who’ve gone before them?


XXXX: Helping Working Millennials in the Struggle for Stability

XXXX’s goal is to help the millennial generation to stability and self-sufficiency. The way XXXX helps each recipient is uniquely individualized. XXXX determines legitimacy of each request, explores alternative solutions and looks for transparency and honesty. Self-help is encouraged and required, as well as a willingness to “pay back” by volunteering their time to others. XXXX takes a “help us to help you” approach and potential recipients who do not follow through on their end are dropped from the program.

Need Help?

Millennials in need should visit XXXX and click on the “Need Help” icon. Please fill out all fields as fully as possible. All requests are received in a non-judgmental manner, are carefully considered and fully vetted in follow-up phone calls or e-mails. If your request is granted, you will be required to attend a brief face to face meeting and allow us to retain a copy of a government-issued photo ID.

Want to Help?

For those without a strong network of family and friends to turn to, XXXX is there to help. Unfortunately, when donations fall short, a waiting list must be created. Grants and outside donors help the XXXX Group stay on stable ground itself as it reaches out to help others. Those who wish to donate to this worthy cause or ask questions should visit XXXX and click on the “Help Others” icon. XXXX operates under XXXX Group, a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt public charity.


“I went into it not having any expectations, just maybe some advice or in the least a little bit of inspiration … Words cannot express the gratitude I have … I have no idea where I would be today, my guess is still on the streets with my children … Because of getting a stable place to live, I have gotten an amazing job making great money to maintain the home and the bills that come along with it! This program saved my family and got us into a safe place, my son loves “his house” and every day he gets off of school he can’t wait to go home! … This program is a beautiful glimmer of hope when there seems to be none!” – Cherie, age 28

“The XXXX Group has given us the support we need to be able to have the space we need (physical, mental, and emotional) to make the choices we need to make to be able to successfully move forward and heal emotionally and financially from the trauma and changes from the past two years.” – Jessica, age 32

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Shattered January 13, 2017

I found your questions odd. But overall I like it.

ConnieK Shattered ⋅ January 13, 2017

Perfect. Thanks. I'll tell more in the next entry about why I'm wanting your honest feedback. :)

Flyte January 13, 2017

I think it gives a clearer understanding of what milleniums are doing. Most of us did not come out of college with an $100,000 plus debt which is pretty common today. I think it is great that there is an agency that can help the "hopelessness" that some milleniums are experiencing. This just isnt an easy world for milleniums. Even after racking up student loans and graduating, they are not guaranteed a job will be open for them, which is different from when I was young.

ConnieK Flyte ⋅ January 13, 2017

Thanks. Did you find it negative?

Flyte ConnieK ⋅ January 17, 2017

No, not negative. I found it informational. It describes what a millennium is going through, not placing blame on them like so many other things I read about them.

ConnieK Flyte ⋅ January 17, 2017

That's exactly what I was trying for yet some in the group thought it was very negative. I was surprised (and a little hurt) because I'd spent hours trying to take the negative vibe out but how do you address a negative viewpoint without addressing it? I left the meeting feeling blindsided because I'd sent the rough draft to two members for comment and when they didn't, I figure they liked it!

Ferret Mom January 13, 2017

I found it really interesting! On a personal level it might be because I know quite a few people who teach college classes and work with millennials. There have been times in the past where I've made assumptions about that age group and have had a friend or relative who works with them correct me on something.

ConnieK Ferret Mom ⋅ January 13, 2017

Thanks for your input!

Firebabe January 13, 2017

So...overall I think it's an interesting approach, especially the part where you ask folks to rank their perceptions of Millennials against actual facts (that's a really great idea.) The part where I start to groan though, is that you aren't always backing up your "facts" with anything. For example, the statement "The truth: Today’s young people work longer hours with few, if any, benefits, lower pay, and no job security at all. Many must patch together two or more jobs to make ends meet." -- where is that coming from? Are there studies? Professional documentation? Articles? As far as I know that statement is pure conjecture, and has no basis in any kind of fact. Which ultimately renders it completely useless.

If you could reference sources (like you do with the question about whether or not Millennials believe in God) then it'll make your position stronger. And honestly, if you can't back up any of your statements with something, then get rid of that particular statement.

On the questionnaire piece - I'd rephrase your questions to "Do you feel that..." instead of just "Do Millennials..." This makes the question more about the perceptions of the person answering the question, instead of presenting it as a right/wrong question.

Sounds like an interesting group (and one that's probably much needed.) Good luck!

ConnieK Firebabe ⋅ January 13, 2017

Thanks for your input. I left references out because of space constraints, but your point is valid. I'll explain in full in my next post, but all the comments are just great. Thanks!

GypsyWynd January 13, 2017

Nice job. I felt it was a little long, but very informative. It might be helpful to define who Millenials are right at the beginning. And maybe instead of asking the reader to answer questions about milennials (which implies right/wrong answers) ask about their perceptions/thoughts about milennials. i.e "do you feel/think Millenials __?"

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ January 13, 2017

Thanks. I'll comment on it tomorrow. Just gathering input right now.

woman in the moon January 14, 2017

I saw this last night and didn't comment. I came back today and read the comments. I'm glad you felt the response was helpful.
My thoughts are not exactly helpful in that I think all 'generations' vary - I know successful kids and unsuccessful kids. A lot but not all depends on their family background - not only material but all the other ways and things we learn from our parents. Plus there is a lot of luck in life. Hard to generalize. Unless of course I just did. I'm glad though that you are writing and working to find ways to help people.

ConnieK woman in the moon ⋅ January 14, 2017

I agree that family is a huge factor in the success of a young person. The kids we reach out to oftentimes have disconnected family relationships. Thanks for reading!

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