Old friends in Sparkly, frosty wintertime 2016 (started a little late!)

  • Jan. 2, 2017, 10:06 a.m.
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As each day goes past writing gets harder because more stuff happens! However I wanted to mention this. I’ve mentioned before that I only stayed on open diary back in the early days (I started in November 98, shortly after the site started) because someone left me a lovely note. Her name was Foxy, later changed to Silk. She left the diary a long time ago, before I had kids!

Anyway, on Saturday morning I was out running and one of the things running does for me is let my mind flow, free reign. I remember referring to this phenomena as ‘talking bollocks’ in those days, when I did free flow entries. As I ran along a loooooong, wide, dull industrial road I had even more chance to let my mind wander and it wandered onto wondering about Silk and what she and her family were up to.

A few years ago I had found a poetry website that she hosted and I emailed the address on it - our emails fizzled pretty quickly, I’ll be honest and say I’m pretty rubbish at keeping in touch so it probably was my fault. Anyway, I thought that I should hunt out her email address and try to get in touch.

The following morning I was in bed feeling lazy and, if I’m honest, a little hungover (it was New Year’s Day after all!). I had my phone and was checking all the usual sites, including emails. And there was an email from Silk!! We’ve sent one another a couple of emails each since yesterday morning, catching up on our lives and families.

I love how the world works ☺☺☺

thesunnyabyss January 02, 2017

the interwebs can be a wonderful place, awesome!!!

Lis January 02, 2017

Fabulous post! Glad to hear about awesome things like this. :) xx

*Bug Droppings* January 02, 2017

awe, good story! enjoy catching up.

Deleted user January 14, 2017

Years ago I stumbled across OD and who did I find there ? Wren, you and Polly . I was so entranced reading all of your entries that I stayed and started writing too. And here I still am ... that was long before you had kids too :-)

colojojo January 22, 2017

Awwww yay! That's wonderful!!

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