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  • June 29, 2016, 2:44 p.m.
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This is the longest day ever.

Ernie has been snoozing under his blanket for some time, apparently very tired out after running around the bank lobby like a dickhead. They hand out milkbones and apparently today it was just completely overwhelming. Tracy’s husband came in just before to collect Loki and take him him, and Ernie was furious at being woken up, barking and carrying on. I suspect Mr. Ernie was dutch ovening himself under that blanket or something, because he smelled bad. How embarrassing.

My homeless pals left me this little goodie bag this morning:

 photo received_10155075896434552_zpsg9fzqp9o.jpeg

Needless to say, I’m quite unhappy.

M’s non-birthday yesterday turned out quite well. I requested a $5 sausage pizza from Papa Murphy’s, which he was happy enough to do. He ran into the supermarket to get some fancy soda and came out with some cake slices. Then we went to Walgreens so he could get some candy to give to his little pal at work when he leaves, and I noticed they had a bunch of cigars on clearance. He ended up buying a few different packs, then we went home and sat outside in our camping chairs and had drinks while he smoked a cigar. It was actually really nice. He was in great spirits, and I was pleased because we did some nice things for him without it being a big birthday thing.

I was, however, too drunk to transcribe, so after struggling through a 6 minute recording, I called it a day. It means I have 11 orders left, and the deadline is Friday - but the deadline is at 9am, which is 8am my time, so I’d really prefer to have all the orders finished by the night before so I can rest easy and not be frantically finishing stuff in the morning. I should have enough to get my invoice up to the $300 mark, which is the minimum I like to bill for each two week period. It has been tough slog this couple of weeks, with nothing at the higher rates.

Pies on a Carousel June 29, 2016

It's always mildly uncomfortable when I stumble across needles at places where the homeless have been camped out.

Deleted user June 29, 2016

Lmao at Ernie dutch ovening himself. My dad's old dog used to do that. God, she smelled awful!!

Lovely present the homeless left for you. :)

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