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  • May 2, 2016, 3:09 a.m.
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Rainy gloomy drippy day. Normally days like this cheer me up, but i dont have that feeling now. I didnt have this feeling when i woke up this morning. Not really sure where its coming from. Sometimes i just get these blue feelings for no reason… well that’s not true i usually know the reason. This one i dont know. It could be a mixture of things.

One could be the laptop i’m ordering from amazon. it’s really the 1st pc, thats not android, im getting in ages. i had some specifics i wanted. i made my peace with my choice a few weeks ago. I got my doubts today looking at a few of the reviews again. Most were good reviews. But looking for something on amazon can make me dizzy when you look at everything, they all can look the same if you look at too much shit. i cant look any more. And ppl will negative bitch at anything. I’ll see when i get it. The laptop bag though know i’m going to love! I love how the design looks! i can use it as a tote too.

I’m going to just keep my laptop choice and order it with the bag tomorrow night. When they come in a week i know i’ll have something to write about here… and most likely Amazon too.

Another thing could be my writing. Yeah i’m such a newbie at creative writing… but it’s just frustrating. i want to write, i’ve tried and i’m even doing a paragraph-a-day in critique circle. But i don’t know. It just doesn’t seem enough!

i don’t want to write to become famous. i just want to write really for me and if some ppl like it that’s great. If not, well, whatever. i just feel like i have to pull that creativity out of me to feel fullfilled! I know i’m not the best at grammer but i’m better then some authors i’ve read… drac von stoller is like 90% horrible!! I have to watch where i put commas and such. Plus one of the crutches i use when i blog is i use text talk at times.... “ppl for people” and so on.

Being a writer you have to accept negative reviews on what you create. I don’t have much of a thick skin when it comes to criticizm. That’s mainly why i just want to write just for me. That may change. But i know for now, just getting what i want out of me and on paper or on my tablet somewhere i will feel better to some degree.

Nascar is starting now and that’s lifting my mood! It’s also on for like 4 hours so i’ll have my mind occupied.

Before i forget. i downloaded some free ebooks into my kindle app today. Creative writing stuff. Mostly writing prompts. Bryan cohen has a couple of free ebooks. i got like one other too. One is 1000 seasonal writing prompts for blogs and journals etc, based of course on the 4 seasons. i only saw a few pages of the summer chapter. i generally don’t need help writing in a blog or a journal. But it’s nice to get other ideas then my usual interests in casual writing like this.

My dog was trying to get me out of my room as i was typing this :) so i gotta see what she wants.

i may write later

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