4/10/16 Sunday Morning 10:12am - NASCAR - My Smart Watch - Dropbox vs. Google Drive in My Coffee Spot

  • April 10, 2016, 4:38 p.m.
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COFFEE: Pumpkin Spice from Big Lots (no name so i guess its theirs)
SUGAR: 2 Packets of equal
CREAMER: Nestle Coffee Mate liquid (Creme Brulee)

EATING: 2 Cadbury caramel eggs!

WATCHING: Nothing at the moment… tv’s not even on yet.

WEATHER: Sunny, no clouds. Not sure temp, but heat keeps going on so im assuming its not warm(its hasn’t really been warm yet anyway)

Well last night i was happy to know NASCAR was on!! But there was a 2 hr rain delay. They started to race at 930pm. i love nice races, especially long ones! This one was one of their long ones too! Usually i’m awake till the end. i’m really a night person!! But i fell asleep at 12:30am and race was almost over!! >:( Mom was watching too. She got me into racing. But she doesn’t know the name of the guy that won last night. So after this im going on MSN to find out, and where Dale jr. placed. It wasn’t him that won she said… :(

Well i just had to stop writing to take mom to bathroom and back to where she was so she can sleep/rest, take sandy out for a bit and i just fed her. its 10:53. Sandy my pup came to get me :) so i shoved a cadbury egg in my mouth, a lil coffee, and off i went! i had to eat something in case i started to talk outside with someone. That way something would be in my stomach. Also i found out that there’s a brisk cold breeze out! No wonder my heat keeps going on!

A couple months ago i got a smart watch. it was on Amazon: DZ09 it was literally from china. There’s a bunch of the chinese smart watches on there and around the same price.. $15 - around $20. Mine was in there somewhere. I was bummed when i got it because it wouldn’t hold a charge! Amazon sells a battery for it and i got it a few days ago. Battery is perfect!! My watch works now! i cant use it to its full potential yet because i dont have an android phone yet. Besides being just a glorified digital watch right now for me, a can do a few things… i have a 16gb memory card in there where i can save pictures and music on that i send from one of my tablets via bluetooth! Today i decided to add a few full albums onto the sd card in there. Basshunter’s Now You’re Gone, Madonna’s Confession On A Dancefloor, and Lady Gaga’s albums(not anything she made w/tony B.) .. i may add other stuff on later. Basshunter is now on there and now madonna’s loading up. She’s a big file so that will take a bit longer. Anyway… Music uploading is what i’m going to talk about now..

Ok so i thought it would be a good idea to upload songs i have on a memory card on one of my tablets onto a cloud server so i can access them on another device. My tablets have memory cards in them and switching cards isn’t an option. i never really put anything in the cloud. i just didn’t see any use for me. i decided on dropbox. i had an account on there for yrs but never uploaded anything. i uploaded a ton of songs.. till i reached my limit. i completely forgot to look at how much free space you get! only 2gb. i did a search and thats when i saw google drive… i dont know where my head is!!! i knew of google drive of course! i should of did a comparison! Google drive gives you 15gb of free space!!! So i uploaded the full albums im uploading on my watch. i have a ton of space left too!

i know i should put some of this in my music book journal on here… just cause its lacking in content. But i will devote some time soon to it. I’ve been listening to even more music lately thanks to my wireless headset!

Well i see the transfer of madonna’s song to my watch is just a lil over halfway done. This is actually the biggest file i’m transfering. The others wont last that long.

its now 11:33am. i’m going to finish my coffee and put something on tv. i still have a handfull of last weeks unsolved mysteries on my dvr and a few of zak bagans new show on there to watch. Can’t wait for tonights Once Upon A Time!! i love mr. gold :) he’s so bad he’s good!!! ;)


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The Thirsty Oriental April 10, 2016

Kyle Busch won. I cannot stand him. I spent the last few laps hoping he'd blow a tire or something.

TechnoKitten The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ April 11, 2016

Lol! Yeah I found out shortly after I posted that. I was hoping dale would win. I read he was second and it was close. Oh well... Next time!

The Thirsty Oriental TechnoKitten ⋅ April 11, 2016

Second? Yes. Close? No...

TechnoKitten The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ April 11, 2016

Oh OK. I probably read it wrong.

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