4/7/16 + Taco Talk & Japanese Mochi in My Coffee Spot

  • April 7, 2016, 9:20 a.m.
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COFFEE: Chock full of nuts (original)
CREAMER: Nestles Coffee mate liquid (Creme Brulee)
SUGAR: 2 Packets Equal

EATING: A Cadbury Caramel egg

WATCHING: Nothing. Just turned tv on dvr

WEATHER: Rainy, Dark, and Gloomy!

Today mom has a 1:15 appt with her blood doctor.. dr. patel. i have joans car today, she gave it to me yesterday so i could go food shopping and take mom to dr today. i love dark gloomy rainy weather!! i just dont like the fact mom has to go out in it. Hopefully it wont rain that much when we’re out.

So yesterday i went food shopping! i got a lot of tasty things! One thing i was craving was tacos. i love tacos!!! i went looking in freezer isle for that new stuff i saw in their flyer… Evol taco. i saw them, but was surprised how small the package was! They were on sale 2 for $7. I briefly skimmed it. Street tacos were on the package. Cool idea. i didn’t see how many tacos were in the pack. But considering the size i’d say just 1 if its in the shell. i’m assuming it is. That just seemed too steep for me to get. i only saw 2 different flavors too.. the chicken with caramelized onion and small guac packet package.. and the korean style beef with kimchi and i forget what small sauce packet they had with it. i would of tried one of each even tho i never had korean style anything or kimchi. The price just wasn’t there for me. For $7 i can get a package of ground beef or chicken and a taco dinner kit to make tacos myself.. AND ALOT OF TACOS TOO! So thats what i did. i bought a box of ortega taco kit, 3 extra packages of the seasoning, a jar of taco sauce, and 4 packages of ground beef, oh and of course the shredded cheese! i also bought a package of flour tortillas. The ground beef is meatloaf mix (beef/pork/veal), and all the packages i bought were under $4! 3 of the ground meats are in the freezer for future use. I was so tired after i got back from shopping yesterday i couldn’t make the tacos. But i’m going to make them today! A small part of the meat is going to be saved for hamburgers for my mom. i’ll make those for her today too.

Last night i was talking to joan and i was surprised to hear she never had a taco or a burrito! I know the woman is 75, BUT WTF!! My mom is the same age and she had them! We are italian but that doesn’t mean we don’t eat other international foods, jesus christ!! Growing up my parents made tacos for me. it just boggles my mind that she never had them. i know some ppl cant take spicy foods. And you dont have to add taco seasonings to the meat if you dont like the seasonings. Also she cant have anything hard now because most of her teeth are gone. Shes also never had a flour tortilla, didn’t even know what that was.. seriously! But that doesn’t explain when she was younger. She keeps harping on the fact that shes Chek and they never had that stuff. Well we are not spanish but eat other foods. i know there’s ppl like her of any age that dont reach farther then what they know. Thats ashame really, because they really are missing out on alot of different yummy foods! I’m done now talking about that..

i did get this new ice cream. i love japanese food! i always wanted to try mochi (its a sweet rice dough that they traditionally put azuki sweet bean paste inside). Well they had at the store ice cream called Mr. Mochi! They had 4 different flavor packages… green tea, strawberry or cherry, vanilla, chocolate. i got a package of vanilla and one of the chocolate. i think next time i go i’ll try the green tea. The ice cream is inside mochi dough. There’s 6 in a package, mochi ice cream rounds are small, and price wasn’t cheap.. $6 and change. BUT considering i cant get any kind of mochi anywhere, and i had the money i got them. A dream of eating mochi(even if there is ice cream in it), is fullfilled!! They are good! i love how the mochi dough is! Those rounds are pillowy soft too! Well i finally got my taste of japanese mochi :D i love it!

i think i’ll stop now.

i’m going to drink the rest of my coffee before my dog wakes up to take her out. i’ll have a chocolate ice cream mochi too… why not ;)


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