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  • April 6, 2016, 9:28 a.m.
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i just finished writing a lil while ago in my Coffee book. I never write soon after i write an entry. But i did what i had to do for my mom, my dog is sleeping & decided not to go out again, and i just got a call from joan. i think thats what got me psyched!! i’m probably going to have her car in lil over an hr! i didn’t think it would be that fast. But she’s not staying home for her soap operas. Shes leaving around noon to get what she needs and to stay by the water for awhile before coming to get me. She doesn’t have a cell phone(shes 76 and set in her ways and hates cells phones and thinks they should be banned lol), but when she gets in my driveway my dog will bark to alert me. She’ll honk a lil too but she doesn’t like using the horn at all. When she does i never hear it. So my pup is the best :)

I got my shopping list in my phone updated and in my bag ready to go to the grocery store. i love food! i’m not a heavy person, not really skinny either, you wouldn’t really know i love food so much :D .. Yes buying food excites me lol!! All i know is i can’t wait to shop!!

i’d still really like to know what that new station on technobase.fm ‘s website is. The Teatime.fm … It doesn’t play, theres no stream and you cant get it as a choice online on the player. Site is in german so thats no help looking at descriptions. Facebook, i checked their description in translation and still no help. All i got was a dec 2015 date and something about a cruise(translation was in broken english). Im still stumped. i know i wrote about this yesterday in my music book here… but it bears repeating! i wanna know what that station is about and why its on their site if its not streaming anything!!!! >:(

Their other stations on the website work. i even have the technobase.fm app and the others i know of theirs are on there and play. Curious though Teatime is not on their “station wheel” of their 6 stations to play when you touch each color to change the station.. i guess sooner or later i’ll find out.

i really like how Rad.io changed! Their whole look on their website at radio.net and their app went through a major overhaul besides just changing their rad.io name to radio.net. Its really cool how they remade it!

i should be getting ready soon, but i know it will be after 1pm when joan does get here. So i have time. But i do wanna take my dog out once more before joan gets here. My mom, i’ll take her to the bathroom when joan is in my driveway. So she’ll be ok when i shop for us.

i was thinking about writing something about two podcasts apps i have.. Spreaker and the other one that escapes me at the moment. That’s ok though because i’ll save that for future entries in my music book here.

i think i’ll stop now..

i can’t wait to get my bluetooth earphones tomorrow!!!! :)

ok laterz!

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