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  • April 5, 2016, 5:41 p.m.
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i haven’t been on website in a long time. There’s no reason for me to go there since i can get their stations in apps like tunein.. besides the website is in german.

i go on there today just for the hell of it, and on the list of their stations Technobase, housetime, trancebase, and a few others called Hard, Club and Core but i dont really listen to those three. Anyway right after the last one i know they have i saw to my amazement another station!! I was intrigued by this new so i click that and go on their web player and WTF its not listed as a choice! their stations are in tunein app, so i go in there and try to find it with no avail. im assuming its new. i saw a date on the web page as late 2015 and like a paragraph in german.. i went on their facebook page to see a translation and even with that translation i really didn’t get any answers as to what that station is about. There’s something about a cruise … but nothing else. i thought by the name it might be ambient type music because they dont have a station like that. Who knows. i have the app that has all their stations in it. Maybe someday soon it will start streaming. If so it’ll be in the app update. i gotta just wait.

i found technobase yrs ago and was hooked!! Then i found their other sister stations. Now i find myself listening to Housetime and trancebase more then technobase.

i listen to other stations in those genres of course. And i started to listen to EDM podcasts. But the technobase family i always go back to.

if anyone knows what is supposed to be please tell me? or if they know when it will start broadcasting tell me im curious!

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