April 5, 2016. Thoughts in April, 2016

  • April 5, 2016, 4:51 p.m.
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Right now the temperature is 50 degrees so if I go out, according to Fred, I should be wearing gloves. I am not planning to go out except to my mailbox. There is no sunshine and the sky is grey with some darker clouds. It definitely feels like a good day to stay in.

I don’t know what I ate yesterday that is causing me to feel very uncomfortable! This discomfort happened about an hour after I took the powdered medication in the evening. It was mixed with the last of the homemade applesauce. I am drinking a lot of water and had toast and coffee for breakfast. It will all sort itself out eventually.

Yesterday evening I filled both my stainless steel Instant Pot not so shiny inner pots with water, added a scant half cup of vinegar and set them both on “steam” for 15 minutes. I let the IPs reduce pressure by themselves and after I had emptied the water and wiped the pots dry with a couple of paper towels, they were back to their shining original selves! Vinegar is useful!

These days I pay my car insurance for six months in full largely because I get a pretty good discount for doing this. I checked my online bank statement yesterday and they have my money. I am now wondering why I got a letter yesterday telling me to pay my bill! It may be that my account is not up to date and I can ignore this bunch of papers but if it happens again next month, I will be pretty annoyed!

I am sitting here typing and have just become aware that my digestive set-up is making interesting noises and the discomfort is less than it was!

Ok, time to get a few things done!

middle age pearl April 05, 2016

Most large insurance companies have an automated billing and just because you have already pain, the "system" still mail it. You'd think they would have something in place to reduce the cost of paying postage but they don't.

Deleted user April 06, 2016

It was only 40 degrees here today , damp and just not my kind of day , although the sun was shining. I was bad and ate two meals out however we were working around the house like crazy people. I must do better on cooking tomorrow.

Deleted user April 06, 2016

Vinegar is extremely useful , as is hydrogen peroxide and non- concentrated Dawn dishwashing detergent !

Amelie's Twin April 14, 2016

Hi! I know I don't note often but I do read. . .haven't seen you in awhile, hope all is well. :)

Marg April 16, 2016

Also concerned at this end - not liking the silence and worried about you :/ Hope you're not laid low with anything.

Deleted user April 19, 2016

Just another note of good thoughts here - check in soon!

~Harmonie~ April 19, 2016

Am very worried about you!!!! Hugs,M

pks April 20, 2016

just wondering about you. are you ok? miss your entries. oxo

Ragdolls April 21, 2016

Worried about you. Hope to hear from you soon.

stargazing April 21, 2016

I join in with the others who have said they are worried about you. Hoping all is well.

pks April 23, 2016

does anyone know Patrisha well enough to contact her? I feel concerned. just wish I could know she's fine.

Ferret Mom pks ⋅ April 23, 2016

I'm very concerned too. I don't know any way to find her other than through Prosebox. I keep hoping someone can find a way to find something out.

VeronicaCorningstone pks ⋅ April 27, 2016

I may be overstepping (and Patrisha I hope I'm not). I'm very close friends with her son, and she has been one of my dear friends over the years. I know she has been in the hospital and now is in a rehabilitation facility. According to her son there has been some improvement and some setback. Please send her positive thoughts/prayers/love. I know she is feeling frustrated with being ill.

pks VeronicaCorningstone ⋅ April 28, 2016

16 seconds ago

oh no, I'm so so sorry to hear this. she has always fought so hard to keep well and keep going. I can't believe she has to fight even harder now. if there is any way you can have jake convey to her that we are all pulling for her and are sending all the strength and hope that can be mustered. thank God she has a son like jake.

VeronicaCorningstone pks ⋅ April 28, 2016

I will definitely pass along the message to Jake. He is a wonderful son and loves her very much.

pks April 24, 2016

thank you ferret mom and bj.
no matter what's happened I just hope we get word. she's such a great person.

cubezombie April 25, 2016

Hi all. this is Patrisha's son, Jake. She's been in the hospital since the 6th. My apologies for not updating here. She did have to have surgery and is currently in a rehab facility getting physical therapy. The goal is to have her back home. Thank you all for your comments. I'll pass them along to Mom :-).

pks cubezombie ⋅ April 26, 2016

Thank you so much Jake! I've been so worried. Please come back when you have time and let us know her progress. Your mother is an amazing person. Thank you again.

Deleted user cubezombie ⋅ April 26, 2016

Thank you Jake! Lots of worried friends over here.

stargazing cubezombie ⋅ April 27, 2016

Omg, thank you so much for letting us know! I've been worried sick, which feels strange since I only know her here. I'm sorry to hear that she's been in the hospital and had to have surgery. My thoughts are with you guys. Here's hoping she'll be home in no time! Thanks again

^..^Kat cubezombie ⋅ April 28, 2016

Thank you for letting us know. I've followed your journal, in case you decide to update there. Please keep us posted and let your Mom know we all miss her.

Silent Echo/Quiet Storm cubezombie ⋅ April 29, 2016

thank you for letting us know how she's doing. she's missed a lot around this place. please tell her our hearts are with her and we await her return and her good health. take care,

HappyMusician April 29, 2016

Hoping you recover well. Sending you good thoughts.

Silent Echo/Quiet Storm April 29, 2016

oh, my goodness! please get well soon. you are terribly missed here. you have my prayers that you are able to get home soon.

btw, this is gray tabby. changed my name.

take care,

pks May 06, 2016

Just thinking about you. Hope you are making steady progress. I'm sure it must be rough feeling you are having to start all over again. I'm pulling for you!

pks May 08, 2016

happy Mother's Day! Hope you are well enough to enjoy some time with Jake.

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