3/25/16 in My Coffee Spot

  • March 25, 2016, 4:50 p.m.
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COFFEE: Folgers (colombian)
SUGAR: 3 Packets Sweet and Low (store brand)
CREAMER: Non-Dairy powder (plain)

EATING: Nothing now

WATCHING: HLN The Daily Share

WEATHER: Overcast and rainy… thunderstorms maybe later!

This morning i helped my mom in the shower. She washes up herself on the bench in there that i help her on. i hold the shower head handle so its easier for her. She doesn’t like the idea i see her like that in the bathroom, but i cant leave her alone now that she had the 2 strokes. She is unsteady now so i cant leave her walking by herself she’ll fall so i’m always with her when she walks and doing other things too, except the toilet. i get her on there but she can stay there by herself until she’s ready for me to help her up (we have no metal bars in there for her). She knows i have to help her and shes ok with it… shes just a private person and i understand. She knows she cant be by herself either. So its better with me her daughter seeing her then a stranger like what had to happen when she was in the rehab after her surgery… it was a guy too and she felt bad about that, i didn’t like it either but there was nothing i could do and they were under staffed. i’m just glad shes been home and i can take care of her!

i still have my headache from yesterday, but its not that bad today.

Anyway… i may be back later.

i gotta do something for my mom now.


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