Sinus Headache BUT I still wanna write something in Daily Ramblings

  • March 24, 2016, 9:36 p.m.
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I don’t feel good right now. I had this headache most of the day… Can’t shake it. But I still wanted to do a Lil edit on my profile. I just wanted to add some stuff to my description. Plus I just added a new book here.. Animé. I’m watching more animé again like I did years ago. I mean I have been watching animé, just not so much as when I was deeply in it. I love animé, and was very addicted to it at one time not too long ago. From time to time I will see something. But lately I’m watching more again and getting that addictive vibe stirring in me! I do have more ways to watch them now besides Anime Network on TV, I have my tablets and just recently downloaded a few apps that are great! Kissanime has so many shows and in their entirety.. Plus ongoing ones like Erased(great one BTW)! I love the stories and fun in animé! Plus they give you a glimpse of Japan life.

So I created a book for my ongoing love for animé again…

Nothing on TV now that I wanna see, except maybe whatever’s on ID. But I’m in here with mom while she’s watching The Golden Girls. I like the show too so its fine. People always say who they like best on the show, for me it was Blanche. That character Rue played was the best!

I’m tired. I wanna write more but I gotta stop.

I gotta do something for my mom now then charge my tablet. Then I’ll rest for the night.

I’ll write soon..

Last updated March 24, 2016

Deleted user March 24, 2016

I just read your description. Very nice. And anyone who takes care of their mom is very special indeed.

TechnoKitten Deleted user ⋅ March 25, 2016

:) thank you so much!

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