3/23/16 Sandy's Foot Update ... + Vet fun :) in Daily Ramblings

  • March 23, 2016, 10:26 a.m.
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Well it felt like forever yesterday to wait for her 5:45Pm appt. i worried most of the day, as did my mom. THEN, right when we were going to be picked up to the vet, lil over 5pm, i looked at her foot and it looked fine! i couldn’t believe it! i thought then maybe it was just out of joint. She still had to be seen. Vet checked her paw and said the same to me. it never happened to her before so i was worried. i’m getting ahead of myself though…

Let me start with her car ride to the vet. Getting in and out of her car was a chore for my poor fat pup Sandy. She loved the car ride but was panting like mad… i know she was nervous. Joan dropped us off by front door so sandy didn’t have long to walk. Sandy knew where she was before i opened the door, she didn’t want to go in. When i got her in she wouldn’t sit still and kept wanting to walk out the front door :) poor baby!

We didn’t have to wait long. We got called into a room, its a room she knew well and didn’t wanna go into the room. i finally got her inside. Waiting for the vet i had to close the door we walked in, because she wanted to run out :)

Vet came in from the other door. We talked a lil, and he mentioned her shots were due. i told him my sister was paying for this so i had to call and ask her. She said to go ahead. Then the vet wanted to take her in the back because it causes less stress for animal and owner. She at 1st wasn’t going to go with him, so i had to pretend i was walking out that door too, and she got up and walked out with him. Her tail was down, i told him thats a bad sign lol … they knew she would need a muzzle .. she usually needs one at the vet. i feel bad she doesn’t get she’s there to get help.

So i was waiting in the room for her to get back. i wasn’t in there by myself that long when she was given back to me. i was afraid they couldn’t get what they needed to get done. BUT the girl said they didn’t need the muzzle, she was just held and she let them do everything!!!! WHAT A GOOD GIRL!!! i was so happy for her! i’m hoping she keeps being good for them.

i had some dog treats for sandy on me, plus they had some at vet too. i gave sandy a few pieces before and after her experience. Praised her too. i love my baby!!

She sat on the floor of the car going back home, she’s done that before im not sure why. I’m glad she wasn’t panting that bad after she was done there.

Getting in and out of the car for her was a lil hard, i always worry about her legs. Joan wants her to go in the car more and more other then the vet. Not a bad idea. She wanted her to walk around by her place because i have trouble walking her around here, she just wont walk farther then two houses away. But i think i’ll just keep trying here with her to walk. I’ll leave her car just for the vet because of how much trouble sandy gets getting in and out of there. PLUS i take care of my mom. i cant leave her home if i do that. And if she comes she’d have to remain in the car while i walk sandy around because my mom needs me to walk with her. i cant do that if i have sandy with me too.

Anyway, im just glad everything worked out yesterday.

i was so fuckin tired last night. I think the worrying about sandy that whole day just got to me after it was all over. i had to do stuff after i got sandy back. i finally ate something like 8pm… i couldn’t eat much waiting for sandy to go to vet. i crashed earlier then normal. By 11pm i nodded off… My back was also bothering me last night. I knew it would feel better in the morning, even if i have to wake up at various times in the night to take my mom to the bathroom.

ok, im going to end here. i may write later.. i’m glad im back on prosebox! Writing every morning about my coffee in my recently made Coffee book here will give me an incentive to come here each morning and type something. i was looking for a good coffee writing blog or app for android to write what i wanted. Couldn’t find any. Coming back here i just did it on my own and i love it!

All right, i’m done writing.

i’ll post soon

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