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  • March 23, 2016, 2:17 p.m.
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COFFEE: Chock full of Nuts (original), folgers (colombian) mix + Peppermint mint
CREAMER: Non-Dairy powder creamer (plain)
SUGAR: Real sugar (2 Tbsp.. roughly)

EATING: Cookies and cream Poptart

WATCHING: HLN Morning Express news w/Robin Meade

Today i put the two ground coffees together in my coffee maker just for the hell of it.

i miss my flavored coffee, so i did one of my own inventions again. i added a hard peppermint candy for peppermint coffee. Its good! i had the candy on the spoon in my cup and poured coffee slowly over it to melt it faster then just stirring it in my coffee. i then stirred whats left of it. it didn’t completely melt, but thats fine, i got the flavor!

i realized i got the spelling wrong on the folgers type of coffee (same as i have now) on my post yesteday morning. i could change it. But i’m not the best speller in the fuckin world. Shit happens. i’ve never got any corrections in my posts yet in comments. if i did, well you’re anal and get a life! i have my books public. I like comments and dont mind them thats why i have comments on my posts. Basically these posts are for me… to vent or write or whatever. i love writing in journals, diaries, online or not. Especially blogging! Prosebox Rocks!

ok that was my Coffee Spot Editorial morning moment… lol… ;)

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