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  • March 1, 2016, 12:02 p.m.
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I haven’t written an entry today I have just realized! Not that I have to write one every day, but usually I have something to say!

The latest update for my ex is that he has now been moved to a long-term rehab in Hattiesburg, MS, which makes it a lot easier for Nick to see him regularly since that is where Nick works. I think I have mentioned this before. Anyway, no info saying he is doing better but also none saying he is doing worse, so we can hope.

The weather today was absolutely amazing. The sun was shining and it was warm but not hot. I didn’t go out at all but I did turn the heat off and open the sliding door. Apparently it is 65 degrees right now and is supposed to get up to 70 degrees tomorrow.

I got a few things done today but I HAVE to get gas for my car tomorrow. I have a Target receipt hanging over the driver’s wheel in my car right now and it says GET GAS! in capital letters on the back. I was really hoping my new card would come today because it has been so long since I have paid for gas with Real Money but I do have some dollars since I pay Judy in cash so I have something to pay for my gas if the card doesn’t come tomorrow. You can be sure that when it does come I will be VERY careful where I put it away from now on.

I can usually see the area with the mailboxes at night because it is usually all lit up but the lights seem to be out which is surprising. I found myself looking out of the window and wondering what is different and have just realized what it is. Well, I wouldn’t be going out there at night anyway.

~Harmonie~ March 01, 2016

Hugs, M

Silent Echo/Quiet Storm March 01, 2016

my daughter is waiting for her new debit card, too. hope it comes soon for both of you. i don't go outside much after dark. take care,

middle age pearl March 02, 2016

Waiting for a new debit card is torture when that your primary way to pay. Hope you get it today!

patrisha middle age pearl ⋅ March 02, 2016

There will be worldwide fireworks and dancing in the streets when it arrives!

Deleted user March 04, 2016

I HATE changing debit cards . :-(

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