My Roommate Hasn't Paid Rent Nor Been Home Since Tuesday..? in Just another day in Paradise...

  • Jan. 25, 2016, 1:22 a.m.
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So I was supposed to have this roommate solve my financial struggles since Shayla left and we went from three incomes in this 3 bedroom house with 2 baths to just two. My brother and I. He was supposed to move in for like 2 months, and when we set a date he backed out at the last second saying he had a heart attack.. I only knew this guy through Ian who vouched for him as a friend.

Well, I didn’t really buy the heart attack story, but didn’t question it because who really can when it can happen to anyone, but now..

Okay, so he said his main issue was ONE thing – he’s scared someone might hurt his cats. His cats (Pudding Cup and Doctor Bombay) are his life and he needs their welfare paramount.

We assured him we love cats (I miss Piper and Leo whom Shayla took to Oklahoma when she left) and that my two dogs (Sam and Dean) get along great with everyone and cats.

That has proven true. We all get along fine..

The other two things were there can be no illegal drugs in the house and my brother and I can’t owe child support. Odd, I thought, but neither of us does either.. so we were good.

He works for Department of Child Services and always complains about the low-life jerks he meets who don’t pay child support and he has to process. You owe the money, he’d say, pay it! Or we’ll take it.

How to split the bills? He said in thirds would be best.

My mortgage is 1,012 dollars a month. He said he’d be happy to pay an even $340.

It’s due the 1st of every month.

He moved in (to Caroline’s dismay mid-visit for her here then to NOLA from Canada) on October 30, 2015.

The other bills we agreed to split are cable/internet, the electric bill, the water bill, and the gas bill. I told him he didn’t have to cut the grass or anything. And I’d happily accommodate moving furniture around and such. My brother even gave up his room for the smaller third bedroom.

The other bills come out to be about $200 or so each month so he said he’d just cut me a $550 dollar check.. which I said was fine.

He’s paid me twice.

A check for $340 twice. But on it the check says for December rent and for January rent.

We even said the first time what about November’s rent? …

And we’ve never gotten a check for the utilities..

It’s coming up on time for me to mail Shayla the mortgage check, I’m behind on ALL my bills because of him and I don’t have enough to cover the mortgage.

I have not seen him since TUESDAY.

He’s replied to ONE text (that was a group text Ian initiated about gaming and he mentioned some car issues?) and none to me..

I messaged him a detailed note that he owes me rent for November still, for February (it’s coming due!) and utilities for November, December, and January.

That’s 340, 340, 210, 210, 210 = $1,320

And I haven’t even had a chance to discuss all the late fees I am incurring cause of this.

No response.


I’ve TWICE had to clean his litter box because it was VILE and the house reeked.

I nearly gagged (WITH MASK ON BOTH TIMES) a dozen times the litter box was so absolutely caked. It’s the worst smells I’ve dealt with since cleaning our 3 months old rotting fridge from Hurricane Katrina when it had shit growing out of it when it sat without power full of food in sweltering Louisiana summer heat.

I don’t know what the fuck to do.

This has been a major stressor for me, and I do NOT like talking about my problems, leaning on people, or being in need of help or any of that shit.

I’m very, very anti-weakness and this is just driving me insane.

It has been a large source of my constant migraines, I’m sure played a role in getting the flu despite having the vaccine and so many sleepless frustrated nights.

Tomorrow my brother is going to contact a girl at his work who knows his essential stepfather who cares for Shaun (the roommate) like he’s his own kid even though there is no blood relation. Carl is this nice older man who watches over Shaun cause he dated Shaun’s mom a long time ago when she was alive. When he moved in Carl told me privately after getting to know me some that I seemed like a very good man, responsible, and honorable and he was so thrilled Shaun found us so he could worry less and know someone else would be looking out for Shaun.

I totally empathized as I’ve faced tough times and I care about people.

Right now, I’m just furious.

I am adept these days at handling that anger, shelving it, and just dealing with the task at hand and not letting it loose. I just want my damned money.

This was supposed to EASE my financial issues.

It’s done nothing to help me, and Pudding whines constantly. Wakes us up.

His cats are acting out in recent days cause he hasn’t been around.

What the literal fuck?

Miss.Meadows January 25, 2016

That's horrible!! I really hope he hasn't bailed and left his cats with you. Maybe Carl will be able to talk some sense into your room mate? I hope it goes better :(

Lobbastah January 25, 2016

Sounds like the dude has some issues! I'm sorry that this guy is such a stressor.

joshlt January 25, 2016

Dude is a hypocrite.. mad at people who don't pay their child support but himself doesn't pay his own bills. Yep that's a government worker alright

Telstar January 25, 2016

Those business deals with relatives often become problems.

Sharee January 25, 2016

That's insane. Definitely not feeling his love for his cats. One of our cats belongs to the kid, any time he's gone overnight she's so annoying. Hope you get things straightened out soon. And maybe find a better roommate.

Cricket February 01, 2016

Oh no...that's horrible! :/

Jafael February 02, 2016

Have you called his work to see if he's still working? Might clarify if he's actually sick, (he did say the heart attack thing at one point) or if he's missing.

If you find out he's fine and just avoiding you, then I suggest you warn him that he must pay up or face eviction. And find out the laws in your city about how to file eviction and how much advance notice is needed. That way you are taking care of yourself, but doing everything you can to give him the opportunity to put it straight.

Deleted user February 06, 2016

Eviction notice

LoveSuicide Deleted user ⋅ February 07, 2016

He finally paid!

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