Goodbye in Entries of Great Significance

  • Nov. 12, 2015, 12:28 a.m.
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And sometimes the inspiration comes from a year of crippling pain, of unexpected gain, and of having to say the one thing you never want to.. again and again..


I’m scrawling on dirty windows
Re-Writing in my mind
How it felt to get to know you
Then watch you wave goodbye

And for a moment I felt mortal
For a moment I felt alone
And for a moment I felt normal
So damned normal
And I hate those moments
Those damning moments
When they are here
With me
And I am without you

So I’m scrawling on dirty windows
Re-Writing in my mind
How it felt to get to know you
Then watch you wave goodbye

And your tears were sudden
And so imperfectly perfect
Falling like hard raindrops
On Saint Charles Avenue
And I thought for a moment
I just might share some –
Share some with you

But instead I stole the ocean
And admired the view of you
Until the moment was over
As such staining moments
Are wont to do

So I’m scrawling on dirty windows
Re-writing in my mind
How it felt to get to know you
Then watch you wave goodbye

And I stared for a long time
As you faded out of view
And all I’m left with is
These staining moments
As they become memories
Made with you

And I’m carving into the Willows
Always re-writing in my mind
How it felt to truly know you
Then watch you wave
And walk away

One hard, long year made
Of one too many

© Brian Milici
November 11, 2015

Semper Fidelis

Honor, respect, and much love to the service members of our Armed Forces on Veteran’s Day. It is a special day meant for the bravest of us all.

You know, as a kid growing up all I wanted to do was be a United States Marine.

Unfortunately, I was never fit enough to be cleared to play high school sports with my leg condition (Blount’s Disease.. it was diagnosed during my physical to play football), but I was able to be a member of the Jesuit High School’s MCJROTC unit. It was an honor to wear their uniform, learn their history, and be inspected annually and drilled by active duty Marines.

On my last inspection I was one of only five others to score a perfect mark. Anyway, Jesuit actually has the oldest Marine Corps JROTC unit in the States.

Poor me, my football and Marine lives snatched from me at an early age, but I always stand when the National Anthem is played, and I believe in honor. The honor of commitment and the defense of those innocent or those incapable of it.

Semper Fi.. Always Faithful..

Sweet Caroline

Yes, Caroline came to visit for a couple weeks. First ever ProseBoxer I have had the chance to meet, and yes, Joey sang to her Sweet Caroline at karaoke when I introduced her to him and said she was from Canada. Karaoke Joey.. that nut.

So much happened. Lots of fun. Lots of food. Lots of laughs.

It was fantastic to cook again for someone and have it be appreciated.

Good memories made. Maybe I’ll go into details when I have more time? My sports teams so failed me, though. God..

Dude, but my favorite Caroline moment? She wore this turquoise hoodie and she was cold, and tired and falling asleep resting her head on my shoulder. And we were watching TV. And I tried to talk to her, and she was just like mumbling replies half the time and being very puzzled when I couldn’t comprehend the non-words and long pauses and no replies. It was a cute moment.

It’s always fun for me to show off my city to a friend. Nothing I love more, actually..

New Orleans is alive.


Yeah, Shaun moved in. On Halloween. It was.. delayed for like a month by him the haphazardly done, but so far Sam and Dean haven’t eaten his cats. They’ve been great around Dr. Bombay and Pudding Cup. The cats actually get along with my dogs so far than each other, lol..

It’s been interesting having someone else live here.

Much Love

Hope everyone is doing well. I plan to read and note you guys soon! Sorry for being so absent from here.

I wanted to extend my deepest condolences to the passing of two individuals who were significant in the lives of two of my favorite ProseBoxers as well. Much love, respect, and sincere appreciation for your losses, Jenn and Tiffany.

The loss of a loved one is just.. so much love to you both and all that those two men touched. I know I felt their presence through stories shared through reading and hearing about them..

That’s as powerful as anything can possibly be, I think.

Okay.. this rambled. Sorry.

Any ideas on that crappy poem above? It seems half-song-ish to me and half-poem-ish to me and all-bad-ish. Any suggestions on editing it would be fab!

Go out there.

Have fun you crazy kids..

Life is so short, live it hard.

May you always find your smile.

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