I forgot to mention... in Summertime, and the living is easy... 2015

  • Aug. 15, 2015, 1:30 p.m.
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…while swimming yesterday, I was aware that my swimming cosie is old and has given way a little in the bum area so I was keeping my bum under the water a lot.

After we had been in the water for an hour and a half I need the loo so I popped out, quickly, keeping my bum away from direct viewing. I went into the cubicle, relieved myself and came out.

It came to that bit where you check all your hairs are tucked in (if you know what I mean) when I realised the whole swimsuit is translucent!

Nipples, boobs, belly, arse. The whole kit and caboodle!

I figured that it had been on show for so long I may as well keep swimming for the final half hour..!

The swimsuit, you’ll be pleased to know, is in the bin!

thesunnyabyss August 15, 2015

heheheee, too funny!

I need tea. August 15, 2015


Lis August 15, 2015


colojojo August 16, 2015

Haha oh noooo. Oh well. Like you said, you'd already been swimming that way the whole day. Another 30 min wasn't going to hurt :p

*Bug Droppings* August 16, 2015

if you can't do anything about the past you might as well enjoy it!

Ceylon Sapphire August 17, 2015


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