Turning a mountain into a molehill... in Summertime, and the living is easy... 2015

  • July 29, 2015, 7:16 a.m.
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Our local group of churches run a summer holiday club each summer, just during one week. This summer my girls asked to go.

We’re not a particularly religious family but believe that a lot of the bible shows us how to treat others (the good Samaritan for example). Talaia is very interested in Christianity and Lila follows Talaia like a lap dog and so we ensure they have the opportunity to experience religion (not just Christianity).

It also gave me the opportunity to fulfil a fantasy of several months - that of cleaning Lila’s bedroom!!

She’s very good at tidying, everything gets shoved onto shelves, under shelves, into cupboards etc.... And so I entered her room yesterday morning…

 photo IMAG2955.jpg

 photo IMAG2954.jpg

And I set about it. The main issue has been that her shoving and stuffing her things anywhere has meant that there were bits of Lego and playmobile and zoobles and tea sets and dolls house furniture and, and, and everything all over the place. So I brought in old Toy Library plastic boxes to give everything it’s own home. I sorted things out between the boxes and bin bags. One shelf was stuffed, totally crammed, with drawings, scribbles, writing etc. I tell you, the child is prolific! Most of that has gone out, sadly. But our house would collapse under the weight of it all if I didn’t do something! I found clothes stuffed all over the place because, obviously, it’s easier to hide them than put them in the washing basket!

Two and a half hours later it was time to pick them up and I had done about two thirds of it. This was my first day’s rubbish.

 photo IMAG2956_1.jpg

So I dropped them off this morning (they’re only doing two days) and started again. This time I worked for two hours and came up with this much rubbish:

 photo IMAG2958.jpg

And this much dirty washing!

 photo IMAG2957_1.jpg

And have finally reached this point (it was the bottom shelf that was stuffed with paper).

 photo IMAG2960.jpg

The three drawers in the bed were crammed with dirty clothes, rubbish, broken things and jewellery.

 photo IMAG2959.jpg

So there you go, two insanely satisfying mornings fulfilling my fantasy…

Shall we do a sweep stake on how long it will be before it’s a shit hole again ;-)

Last updated July 29, 2015

thesunnyabyss July 29, 2015

great job!!

I need tea. July 30, 2015

I remember loving my mum tidying my room. I could never tidy/clean the same way !

ermentrude I need tea. ⋅ July 30, 2015

Ha ha, I have noticed that my kids don't see dirt. My eldest cleaned the kitchen floor the other day and left a few sticky bits. She honestly couldn't see them!

colojojo July 30, 2015

So will she freak out about all the stuff that's missing or no? I was always a messy kid, and still have my moments as an adult. But a good clean always makes us feel better in our own space!

ermentrude colojojo ⋅ July 30, 2015

Shhhhh, don't tell her and she may not notice..!

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