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  • July 14, 2015, 6:26 a.m.
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Day Four in the Sick Mummy House.

Well, I’ve eaten porridge and toast! Go me!!

I’m even contemplating a shower! Although I still feel dizzy when I stand for too long.

But I need fresh air, and I need to measure my garden to see if my sister can fit her tent in at the end of the month… So, those are my plans for the day! Tomorrow I must be back at work, it’s a very important week for crossover as I’ll be working with another child next year and we need to get to know each other… We did three days last week so three more days this week is better than two.

So, what’s new with you..?

Day time adverts are really starting to bore me! Although I’m loving early morning Frasier! Such reminiscence :-) the two shows that remind me of my time in Florida are Frasier and Friends :-) I used to watch them with my host mom. Host dad hated Friends because of the lesbian couple, but then he had a lot of very old fashioned views. I just let him run with it, his house and all that.


Our town centre is slowly being pulled down to be replaced by modern buildings. Including car parks. This isn’t the first time, a lot of the Victorian buildings were removed to be replaced by 60’s/70’s concrete. Now the concrete is to be removed for modern buildings.

First of all, my confession, I love big slabs of concrete, huge motorway junctions, cooling towers, city centre car parks and seventies department stores. This fact may our may not be colouring my judgement - who knows - but I really wish that these judgements weren’t made against old building just because they’re old fashioned. If a building is unsafe it’s different, but when they’re just removing buildings to make a town centre look trendy it’s just wasteful.


I don’t know if I’ve been stuck in too long but suddenly my whole house smells of dust, and trust me, this sort of thing doesn’t usually bother me! I must just have a dusty nose! Me needs fresh air…

I’m horizontal again though ;-)

Has anyone seen Empire? I’ve seen a lot of adverts for it over the past couple of days. It seems to be full of not nice people therefore not very entertaining, in my opinion. There have to be characters that I identify with, or aspire to be, for me to enjoy a t.v. show. Another memory of my time in Florida was watching Jerry Springer and Montel Williams etc.. after a couple of months I realised I was yelling at the telly and I knew that wasn’t the person I wanted to be. I haven’t watched that type of programme since then, I also stopped watching Big Brother when they started to choose contestants based on their likelihood to argue. I want my fantasy time to be spent involved in the lives of people who give a damn, maybe that’s why I love Fried Green Tomatoes so much.

And now I’m waffling. I have plans for my day which will start with a shower.

Thank you all for supporting me through my whinging during this mild illness!

I’m such a shit patient!

Ceylon Sapphire July 14, 2015

Fraiser and Fried Green Tomatoes.... two of my face! Glad to see you're getting better

Ceylon Sapphire July 14, 2015

Damn auto correct.... two of my favs' not face! Gah

thesunnyabyss July 14, 2015

I'm a bad sickie too, lol,

I loved Friends and Frasier too, still catch them when I can,

I agree, there is beauty in the modern, but destroying the old just to replace it is silly,

feel better!!!

colojojo July 15, 2015

Friends is always a classic. A great show to just have on in background while doing housework or to watch right before bed.

I watched one season of Big Brother (UK, not America) and it was a good one and amusing. It was when they first out in the guy that was a fake, so to speak. I watched it on visiting hubby, and when I went home, I went online to watch it every day :p

*Bug Droppings* July 17, 2015

ha ha. You are not a shit patient! You don't comply though, you go to work when you shouldn't. The work world will always keep spinning with or without you. Take care of yourself. Yeah I like the nostalgia of buildings myself but maybe something new will end up wowing you, you young hip thing you.

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