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  • July 11, 2015, 5:18 p.m.
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It’s very strange, I felt so weird today. Lila went to a party today at an indoor play area near here and I asked Talaia if she’d like to come along to play as well, although she wouldn’t be allowed to join the party. She decided to come along so I took my kindle on which I had downloaded Goodnight Mr Tom. I found a seat, settled down and off they went to play. The party was just under two hours long so armed with a cup of lemon and ginger tea I was ready for some serious me-with-a-good-book time. Only my neck ached. I rolled my head around, attempting to alleviate the stiffness to no avail. Then it set into my jaw, this is usually the first place that hurts when I’m tense, so I tried relaxation techniques. As the (almost) two hours proceeded the ache gradually spread downwards, through my body.

I had to stop to return trousers which were too big on the way home and I was quite snappy with the kids because I just wanted to get home and they were messing around.

Once, finally, home I crawled onto my bed and lay down. Talaia came in too so I asked if she wanted to listen to some more of The Secret Garden which we started listening to on audio book. I put it on and got under the duvet, curled up all foetal and gradually felt all my joints melt. As though they were turning to marshmallows. I dozed for over an hour and I now I just feel hungover.

I wonder if I’m actually feeling end-of-term exhaustion without realising it and my body just asked me to stop.

On another note, I had several inches of hair cut off today, it was down at waist length and is now at my shoulder. :-)

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ElvenAssassin July 11, 2015

It looks lovely! Strange about the tension; maybe that was why?

Deleted user July 11, 2015

You look wonderful ! Sorry you were not feeling well.

thesunnyabyss July 11, 2015

you have gorgeous hair,

your body obviously wanted a break, end of term or not, feel better!

Ceylon Sapphire July 12, 2015

Serious book time sounds delicious, sorry you didn't get to enjoy it

colojojo July 13, 2015

very nice pic. I wish I could get my hair to grow that long :P Sorry about all the body acheyness. :(

*Bug Droppings* July 16, 2015

hoping your feeling better! wow that is a whole lot of hair you cut off. you look great!

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