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  • June 13, 2024, 11:14 a.m.
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my mother’s neighbors across the street at in their late 60’s early 70’s and they RENT the house. it is a modest 3 bedroom home around 1700 to 2000 sq ft. They will never be able to retire! They have very little savings and both get SS but their rent and utilities take up both checks… So they have to work for fun, insurance and their car payment!
I cannot imagine living week to week. IF they did not have a car payment and maybe got help with food stamps? they possibly could live on what they have coming in but if their rent goes up.... who knows what would happen....
This man used to earn good money but after his divorce he lost his house to her and when he got remarried Norma spent too much on stupid things....
Today Mom and norma sent me out to buy a pizza for lunch… each had a personal pan pizza I paid for my moms and Norma looked at me and told me I could afford to pay for hers too! RUDE!!!!
She was serious! She said well you bought your Moms…WELL YES, SHE IS MY MOM! It really struck me wrong today. If she would have said I am sorry I really do not have any cash… I would have gladly paid for hers but do not tell me I HAVE to pay for yours.... Needless to say I am eating Norma’s pizza as I type! I refused to give it to her.

Diana of the hunt June 13, 2024

You'll probably block me for saying this, but here goes: Yes, what Norma said was rude, but what you did was petty. It's clear from your posts that you value financial and material wealth, or the illusion of it, very much. It's odd how much you know about this woman's personal financial situation, and how quick you are to judge her. It's really none of your business. Lots of people in their 60s and 70s "RENT," and they are not inferior because they do so. No one truly knows another's circumstances. If you couldn't afford, despite your perceived enormous wealth that you take pleasure in flaunting, an extra personal pan pizza, you could have simply given it to her, told her she could pay you back later (even knowing she likely wouldn't), and made a mental note not to pick up anything for her in the future unless she handed you the cash first. To make a scene, go home and triumphantly post a judgmental account of it while taking pleasure in eating the pizza is not only petty and harsh, it's disturbing.

theKat Diana of the hunt ⋅ June 13, 2024

if she would not have been so rude about it.. I would have given it to her. It is rude of her to assume anyone should just pay for a pizza you ordered. I was being nice enough to go pick up for them.

Jodie June 13, 2024

The noter above really doesn't have amy history with Norma so it's wrong of her to jusp to conclusions. I would take kats information just becasue she has a history with her. And I am not sure if i would eat the pizza (depending what kind it was) But for her to even say what was said I do find rude and I would never say anything like that out loud. But then I am like that.

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