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  • Oct. 20, 2014, 8:50 p.m.
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Fearsomely depressed. Yeah, the Telling History What To Do therapy didn’t take. Wonderful feeling while it lasts, but the crash comes when you sigh blissfully, and you look around for one of the organizations that would have done part of it, and you see that where the organization worthy of the name should have been is a hand-pencilled picture of a ferret.
(If you didn’t see it, what that refers to is the fun research in the previous entry.) (Which was a closer-in look at some of the things said in this “well, what would I prefer the world be doing about climate change” entry… which in turn was an irritated constructive reaction to the landscape in this entry, which was preceded by this entry.)

Also really the disaster in communication back there still has me under its front wheel, sort of, in vista and extrapolation. Really that’s most of it… I feel ridiculous not having shrugged it off. It hit my optimism. In a couple of respects.
Anyway I’ll write more soon. Maybe, some more “What would I prefer?”, about future social hopes in an entirely different direction - but if I do get future hopeful/involved, nothing more about spaceships. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO DO WITH SPACESHIPS.

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