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  • May 27, 2024, 11:42 a.m.
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Today is JoJo’s birthday and probably the 1st one we have not celebrated! :(
She is not feeling well and doesn’t feel like getting together. I tried to bring her breakfast but she must have went back to sleep?

Makes me sad with all the crazy thoughts of losing Jo one day rolling in the back of my mind. At times it makes me slightly crazy and I google symptoms. I get different info. from life expectancy of 2 to 6 years for decompensated cirrhosis. I believe Jo has been decompensated for around 3 years. The first year she only had slightly leaky varices and she would throw up some blood or have black poo.
Two years ago she started to be hospitalized for the symptoms… low hemoglobin, varices, and slight edema.... 8 months ago she was hospitalized again with worse symptoms and ascites slightly.
Now I see signs of jaundice and severe ascites.... she refuses to go to hospital Randy has her convinced she can get better drinking this liver detox and water pills. She made me POA because when she got to this point she did not want anyone making her go to hospital . Jo is bull headed and unless she is hurting she will not go. I think she knows she is dying. She always tells me she wishes she would die but she will last for me :)
At times I want to just sit and cry over this as I feel I am prepared for that day by talking about it but I know I am not. I just try to be brave when I really am not!
At this point a liver transplant is the only chance she has....
She is not eligible because 1) She cannot get or stay sober 2) she is not compliant. She refuses to go to doctor apps. she refuses to take meds. 3) she has only me as a support group and unless you have a good support at home and lots of help they won’t consider it. Hell Randy waited 8 hours to go to the ER and I told him how serious it was!
Okay if you made it this far thanks for listening. It helps to vent even if only one person hears

raeven May 27, 2024

Tragic. I really hate alcohol. The last year of my drinking, I was intentionally pulling a "Leaving Las Vegas".. I remember looking at myself thinking, "You are dying. This is what a dying person looks like." It was very surreal, but I had come to terms with it, and just wanted it to hurry up. Then I had a massive brain hemorrhage, laid on the floor for 3 days before an ambulance was called. I spent the next two years being massively pissed off that I didn't die. Now it's been a little over 3 years and I celebrated 3 years of sobriety on April 8th. Not because I'm afraid of death. I am afraid of becoming even more disabled than I am now. I have a detailed DNR to avoid that. For me, the line in the sand and what keeps me sober is I remember shitting myself in the ICU and how humiliating that was.

I hope she can find a way to stop drinking.

Is JoJo one of your relatives?

theKat raeven ⋅ May 27, 2024

she is my very best friend

raeven theKat ⋅ May 28, 2024

HUGS ... that's rough. I ended up having to move in with my best friend and rent a room from her because I couldn't afford to live any other way and there was no way to get rental assistance that didn't take years.

Jodie May 27, 2024

This is the exact reason why I get so upset when I know someone I love drinks like this. I just am not around them and I also tell them why and usually they don't care.
I even told hubby to slow down and not get so drunk and his brother I don't go near him when I know he has had a few to drink and is drunk. I also told people that because I love them so much they will not be dieing on my watch.

theKat Jodie ⋅ May 27, 2024

you can get cirrhosis from being heavy too from fatty liver disease... it is from unhealthy life styles too

Jodie theKat ⋅ May 27, 2024

I know but there are not many people that I know that are that obese.

theKat Jodie ⋅ May 27, 2024

it does not have to be that obese... just having weight on the belly area and eating fatty foods

Jodie theKat ⋅ May 27, 2024

That too...I am guessing I am thibking the very extream.

raeven theKat ⋅ May 28, 2024

This. It's called Non - Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and it's killing a lot of people.

Jodie raeven ⋅ May 28, 2024

And this is the reason why eating a balanced diet helps so much.

queenofegypt May 28, 2024


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