Broke down car,sexual harassment and annoyed in Just Life

  • April 26, 2024, 6 a.m.
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Due to my head gasket blowing on my car I went to my brother’s and began to work on my truck. It needed a fuel brother tried to cut the tank with a hand saw. He couldn’t cut through the metal so I told him get a grinder out of my dad’s garage. Within a matter of minutes he cut through the tank.

We had to borrow his friend Benny’s Jack. Benny kept coming over drunk on his motorcycle distracting Tom talking about the people he killed and how much money he made in jail.

Benny told me my boobs were to big more than a mouthful is a waste. He told me if he was me he would be a massive whore. He called my husband a piece of shit and threatened to kill my husband. My brother laughed off the fact Benny offered to motorboat my boobs and how he is a real man. I felt disgusted and annoyed but I feared it I said anything he might try to kill me too.

Benny help Tom clean the gas tank out. He help Tom fix the fuel pump. I stay to stay up till after 11 pm Benny bragging about his crimes while I begged my brother I got to prepare breakfast at 5 am please let us go!

I was so frustrated I didn’t go to bed till almost 11. I wanted to go to the hotel and stay my brother refused. I was so frustrated I could cry. He piled up on the couch and went to sleep refused to listen to me. In the morning he refused to wait up and forced me to wait 10 minutes while his truck warmed up. I had to prepare a full continental breakfast by myself I was 8 minutes late. I was so angry I could cry.

My brother when he woke up was trying to read tarot cards. He was so slow I got annoyed read his GF future and told him get off his ass let’s go! Took my several minutes to get him to start getting ready.

Tom kept demanding keys to dads garage and money. I gave him $100 told him get bondo and paint to fix the truck he automatically said I am paying for him breakfast and gas for his truck. I wanted to cry. I told him do the fuck ever I am late for work! I might get change left by the time he is done taking advantage. Nothing new there.

I might get wrote up at work over toms bullshit.

jade fae May 27, 2024

Hey are you okay you haven't written for a bit ?

FitLadyDi May 30, 2024

Starting to worry even though i did see you active on Instagram...

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