New gf,truck still broke down,tired in Just Life

  • April 25, 2024, 8:26 a.m.
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My brother Toms birthday was yesterday. He went out with his new gf Melissa. Melissa looks like Lesa. His wife that died 6 months ago. Melissa has a hard past and she has been almost 1 year sober from drugs. When my coworker Susan pointed out Melissa used to do drugs I told Susan we can’t judge her on who she used to be. She is trying to be a better person and I respect that. Susan said that might be a mistake. I agree it might be but a good support system is hard to come by.

Where Tom has been trying to repair the truck I have been over there several days in a row. So far we have dropped the gas tank we are getting ready to replace the fuel pump. We have to fix the body from the rust spots. We got to replace the horn. I got to pay property tax,get license plate sticker and inspection sticker. I cannot wait to get back on the road. He gets distracted by friends and family. He rarely has time for me..

Darren is his mother in laws nephew kept harassing my brother when he was working on the truck. He told my brother while cutting Toms grass he found an adult toy. Tom told Darren go throw the phallus in the road. When Daren threw it in the road the suction cup stuck. I told Darren go wash his hands you could hear people accidentally hitting the toy and some swerving around the object. Darren almost cause a wreck because a person almost wrecked their car trying to serve around the adult toy..omg.. Darren kept harassing Tom while he tried to fix the car.

Yesterday Tom took me,him and Melissa on a date. They played pool at the hotel I work at. We ate at Taco Bell. Went to Piney Creek Preserve. We went hiking to the waterfalls and took pictures. Melissa and Tom started kissing and making out by the waterfall I got annoyed walked back to the car and wondered to another part of the park to hike. When it got dark I messaged them telling them be careful they close the gate at night. I didn’t want to get stuck there all night.

Melissa gave him cupcakes for his birthday and didn’t eat any because we found out she is diabetic. I pointed this out to Tom said he should get her sugar free snacks.

Melissa is currently homeless. I suggested to Tom to wash her car,keep maintenance on her vehicle. Help her by finding her bathing products and lotions. She is trying to get a HUD apartment in the future. Tom plans to buy her a phone card to help her.

I wish Tom would hurry up and fix my truck. I am tired of working on it.. I might nap till he gets here.

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