aDHd race ,squirrel works on truck in Just Life

  • April 24, 2024, 11:03 p.m.
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I cannot keep him on task. He is like a rabid squirrel at a rave. I really need him to focus but he keeps running to shiny things. For the love of God quit chasing friends and other tasks. I really need you to focus and get this job done! I need this for my livelihood. You keep running to the next good thing I instead doing what is necessary. Help me out and focus! You can chase her later. Dance later fix my car now…please!

Yesterday was Toms birthday. We have been trying fix this truck for 2 days everyone keeps distracting him. He wants to hang out with friends and his girlfriend. I ask him to fix the fuel pump on my truck to discover he cant stay on task. Everyone keeps coming over assigning him tasks. Bitches wait in line I need my truck fixed! God I am irritated.

His GF keeps distracting him. Yesterday he only jacked the truck up got ready and went on a date. I was stuck following cause he can’t focus to finish the fucking truck. They played pool,they went out for dinner, and we went to a nature reserve. I took photos of them for his birthday. They played pool at the hotel I sat texting bored. At the nature reserve they kept making out. I simply walked away. She bought Tom cupcakes for dinner I tried to be patient due to his birthday but fuck he makes me Angry. They got lost in the nature reserve making out. J was tempted to scream what about my fucking truck!?
I don’t think he realizes the truck needs fixed or I might lose my job.. God help me.

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