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  • April 18, 2024, 11:22 p.m.
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My car overheated today. It was blowing steam out of my hood. I was so busy with the stop and go traffic I forgot to check my thermostat. I asked my husband to see if he sees anything but I forgot he doesn’t know much about cars. He plans to take it to the mechanic in the morning.

I work in the morning my boss was upset over my vehicle being broke down. I asked around trying to find someone to get me a ride. My boss tried and I tried eventually Jude saved the day. He drove me up to the hotel. I start work at 5 am. Tonight I am staying at the hotel so I can serve breakfast there in the morning.

While I was waiting on Jude I took Cinder my flame point Siamese for a walk. Considering he is just a kitten I feel really good how quickly he learned to walk on a leash. My cat enjoys car rides,walks and he enjoys when we go fishing. My neighbors know me as the crazy cat lady. I have no complaints with that.

I am sad that they are planning to shut down TikTok in June. I have been teaching myself how to garden,make herbal remedies and cooking recipes on there. There small snippets teach me a lot.

On my day off my husband Talan and I took Baby moms dog the rat terrier chihuahua mix to the vet. The vet did blood work to discover her dog has lime disease and toxoplasmosis. The vet gave Baby some antibiotics. My mom is furious we paid $300 for medical treatment. Mom hasn’t took Baby not even once to the vet in all the years she has had him. My husband and I decided to see if Baby was ok.

Lemon mom’s other dog passed away earlier last month because heartworm and lime disease caused her kidneys to shut down. Lemon had a 10 percent chance to survive with dialysis. My husband and I made the choice the most humane thing we could do was put Lemon down. Lemon was bad sick. My husband and I held her pet her and said we loved her till her last breath. We cried our eyes out. Lemon didn’t need to suffer. I wouldn’t let her. I went in for medical help to discover she was far more sick than I thought. Lemon is now at rest. God I miss her!

Tomorrow is payday. I found out my boss Gina gave me a raise. I am now making $10.95 an hour. I know I could get paid more elsewhere but I like this job.

I got to go to bed. Breakfast is coming. I hope my car is easy to fix tomorrow.

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