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  • March 30, 2024, 5:54 p.m.
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My boss Gina recently found out she is pregnant. She has never been pregnant before. I miscarried last year and was fortunate enough to be raised by my mom a now retired nurse who never avoided any questions about sex or pregnancy. My father wouldn’t discuss it with me so I learned a lot from my mom and Sex With Sue. Good tv show.

Gina has no idea what’s going on. I know her dad wouldn’t talked with her about it. Gina was my childhood friend. She is fearful. I have been trying to help answer her questions if I am unsure I honestly have been asking mom or going online and looking it up. I don’t want to give her the wrong information.

Gina swore she hasn’t been having any cravings with her pregnancy. She was upset because she was told no ice coffee from the doctor because risk of miscarriage. Gina quit smoking no problem but the coffee really has her obsessive and defeated she loves caffeine. While I was cleaning up from breakfast today I noticed Gina was in the kitchen restocking the coffee grounds. She had tears in her eyes telling me how good the coffee smelled. She asked me if Dunkin Doughnuts does decaf iced coffee I told her I would find out for her. This girl is craving bad! I want to help her. I am seriously about to drive to a Dunkin Doughnuts and ask.

Any advice how to help my boss..

fjäril March 30, 2024

my second job is at a coffee shop and while we don't have decaf iced coffee at our particular location, we can make decaf iced Americanos which are basically decaf espresso shots over ice

FitLadyDi March 30, 2024

Dunkin decaf can be purchased to make at home and its really good!

FragileGlass March 30, 2024

Just make decaf

corpse April 02, 2024

a cup an 8oz cup ( since people seem to think a giant cup is considered 1 cup) is safe in most pregnancies depending on the mother's other health

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