Hospital visit, training cat to walk in Just Life

  • March 28, 2024, 9:56 a.m.
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At work I run an entire breakfast by myself at the hotel. I run back and forth a lot to serve foods. My bosses know if I sit down I better have a damn good reason. On Monday the truck came in full of food. I was lifting boxes over my head to put on the top shelf and I bent over to pick up another suddenly half my body went numb I got dizzy and I grabbed the shelf lowered myself down and checked my blood pressure using my cuff.

Missy walked in asked if I fell I told her no I sat down so I wouldn’t fall. My blood pressure was low the room was spinning. I was scared because I was showing some symptoms for a stroke. I tried to continue the truck but everytime I tried I almost passed out trying to stand up.

Missy went into mom mode. She told me I was going to the hospital. I had an MRI,CT scan,I was place on a heart monitor. I noticed they quit giving me my blood pressure medication come to find out I was having side effects with the Duloxetine. Dr said the numbness was from my blood pressure dropping so low I gave symptoms of a stroke but didn’t have a stroke.

I was in there for about 2 1/2 days. The bed was very uncomfortable but I did meet a lovely lady name Alice. She was my roommate. We talked about gardening,canning, exes cheating we even had conversations about sex. I bonded quickly with the 71 year old. I kind of wish she adopt me as one of her grandkids. The woman was witty,charming, hilarious and a great personality. She loves to travel and have fun. When Alice went home I was so lonely in that room I almost cried.

After I got out of the hospital my husband asked what I wanted to do. We took our flame point Siamese Cinder out for a walk around the soccer complex. We are slowly training him to walk on a leash. One of us pushed the cat carriage and carried the cat backpack in case dogs got to close. People would stop in their tracks fascinated. It’s funny how nobody knows cats with patience can be trained like dogs. Cinder walked a large percentage of our walk but got fearful by a jogger so we put him in his carriage. He likes the carriage but loves his backpack the most.

Cinder has never heard frogs before until we visited the Soccer Complex. Cinder was fascinated he wanted to get close but I know he would chase a frog so we kept him at a distance.

I go back to work tomorrow. Today I am washing clothes and Talan is working on the kitchen. I plan to sneak out to buy a few groceries.

We plan to take Cinder on a walk around the soccer field. We are trying to find safe places to train our cat.

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