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  • March 26, 2024, 1:16 p.m.
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I really feel Jo is spiraling out of control… As an alcoholic she is so good at lying she doesn’t even realize it…
Her saying I have been busy making calls ....means I am trying to make an excuse for really not doing anything but drinking.
Every day I ask her what is is up to… she is always so busy making calls on things and making lists.
Every day she sits at the table and rewrites out a list of things she has to do… a list that seldom ever gets done! get taxes done has been on the list for at least 5 years… she even might go so far as calling a friend to ask who they use… but never goes any farther.
The list only goes down when she can delegate the work out to other people!

Her car got cleaned out only because the homeless guy won’t drive it so trashed due to all the empty little whiskey bottles and beer cans!

Normal tasks consume much of her time. If I get bills in the mail I always pay by a credit card that earns money… EVERYTHING gets put on the card and it is paid in full every month so I do not pay interest. Well Jo does it the hard way… she usually loses the mail after she opens it… never pays it and then the company calls or texts her that payment is late… so then a week later she calls that place and then later she has to end up going to the company like water, electric, cable right before they she it off! She has spent hours on each place and ended up paying late fees and at time hook up charges! It is because she puts everything off. It baffles me why a person lives like that. it is not because of money because she has oodles it is because she just puts it off. I guess years ago before her inheritance they did live borrow from Paul to pay Peter.

I have no clue how Jo really is because it has been over a week since I have seen her, maybe even closer to two. So I do not know how her eyes look. I check her eyes every time I am with her to see if they are pale meaning her hemoglobin is low or yellow meaning jaundice too much bilirubin in her blood. Both are warning signs that she could be bleeding inside, throwing up blood, black poo. at times she does not throw up blood when she is bad but she has black poo. Many times she waits weeks to tell me that has happened.... so I rely on seeing it with my own eyes. Also I have no clue if her belly is slightly swollen again as it happens and then goes away so it does not concern her.

Jodie March 26, 2024

Maybe you can make a point to see her when her bills arrive and sit down with her and make sure she pays them? I know you don't want to do this but if you don't then she won't have any services. Or ask a judge if you can take over her money and make sure everything is paid on time?

theKat Jodie ⋅ March 26, 2024

I would have no clue when her bills arrive... and she knows when they are due so if they lose power for a few days that is on her. you have to discipline yourself to sit down and pay all your bills once or twice a week or pay them as you get them. makes life so simple

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