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  • March 25, 2024, 5:47 a.m.
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My mom’s dog Lemon was in renal failure. Even with dialysis Lemon had a 5-10 percent chance of survival. I told mom Lemon quit ignoring this Lemon is exhausted and might need to be put to sleep. My mom told me not to waste her money taking Lemon to the vet. I decided what she said was simply a suggestion at that moment. The doctor said Lemon was suffering I knew the next step wasn’t going to be easy.

My husband and I took Lemon for a walk we pet her and cried. Talan begged me not to and I told him if we had a choice our puppy would live forever. I told Talan she doesn’t deserve to suffer. After many years my husband and I walked in we knew what we had to do.

The vet came in. We were petting Lemon. Lemon’s head hung low you can tell she is tired. Vet asked if we were sure. We told the vet yes and we asked to be in the room. My husband and I comforted Lemon petting her,kissing her and telling her what a good dog she is. Lemon fell asleep the vet asked if we were sure. They gave us a bit of time to say goodbye. Lemon was drowsy wagging her tail. We had tears in our eyes and we told her we love her,she is all we ever wanted in a dog. We held her and cried well after she went limp. Love sometimes means letting go. If love could have saved her she would have lived forever.

We buried her a day or two ago. I found a statue that looked like Lemon. Me and my husband intend to stick it on her grave.

My Aunt Lois asked me why I put my mom’s dogs asleep. I told her the dog had renal failure,heart worms and lime disease. She was suffering it was the most humane thing. My mom cried I told her I was going to put her dog to sleep if the dog wasn’t able to survive. My mom went to her families party upset with me. I told her to go say bye to her dog we were going to put Lemon to sleep. She wouldn’t listen. She hopes much like her schizophrenic if she ignored it the disease would go away.moms schizophrenia and Lemons renal failure didn’t go away. I only did the kindest thing I could I ended Lemons suffering.

I still am caring for moms dog Baby and moms Cat shy. I am arranging vet care. My mom never took them to the vet. Mom just isn’t sound of mind to do what is needed. She doesn’t understand. Her schizophrenic has made her mostly heartless. I had to give Lemon mercy because mom would have continued to ignore this emergency.

I adopted 2 of her cats. Turtle and Cinder they live with my 4 cats. As soon as Turtle is fixed I plan to take Shy to the vet get him fixed and try to move him in with my cats. He hasn’t been brought over because I don’t need him getting Turtle pregnant again.

Baby the dog and Shy the cat are a bonded friends. I plan to adopt them and get them medical care. Mom said she doesn’t want them. That’s fine. They are my family now..

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