Giant gets kitten from vet,fixing my car in Just Life

  • March 21, 2024, 7:14 a.m.
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I just got a text from the veterinary hospital to inform me that moms dog I care for has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I spelled this dogs name 6 different times for the woman who was arranging the dogs appointment. Today I busted out laughing because I realize the woman spelled the dogs name Linen in the text message reminder. My mom’s dogs name is My Lemon. Close but no Cigar. I will fix it later

When they saw my cat Cinder they gave me a funny look. I spelled his name several different times and she didn’t believe me. Cinder yesterday went to the vet and got neutered. I can’t wait till they see my cats Coal and Ash go. They look so much alike even we have problems telling them apart. Good luck figure out father and son combo out. After the boys visit the vet our next one to visit the vet will be Turtle. We plan to get Turtle fixed. Her son Cinder is enough of a hand full.

My husband Talan when I got Cinder back was kissing the cat asking if Cinder was ok and was looking at the bloody area near the cats groin upset. Talan was concerned Cinder might be in pain. I paid the sedative for survey and pain killers to help the cat. My husband cuddled his cat saying he loved him. He is a tall large man who acts like Hagrid in Harry Potter. My husband is a huge animal lover.

I wanted to start building flower beds for my garden but my car overheated after picking up Cinder from the vet. I told my brother about my car problems. My brother Tom volunteered to fix my car. He wants to fix my breaks,give me an oil change and fix the thermostat so it will quit overheating. Yesterday while the car cooled off we ate Dominos pizza for dinner. We are talking about replacing tires and seeing if we can get it passed for a sticker. I am grateful Tom is so willing to help me fix my car.

I think he is that way because when his vehicle breaks down he calls me and I help him fix his. My dad when he was alive always told my brother and I take care of each other. I miss my dad he died in 2018..

I got 6 cats living in my house. At moms house I care for a cat and 2 dogs. All I can say I thank God for lots of litter boxes! My mom since her schizophrenic episode 2021 I care for her,her pets and I am remodeling her home.. someday I will eventually live in that house with her but until then I plan to grow a garden over there.

I got to start getting ready to help my brother fix my car. Today is going to be a long day..

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