bad note...struck me wrong in Hi This is Kat!

  • March 16, 2024, 1:43 p.m.
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So I get this random reader that probably has no idea what Jo has gone thru, what is wrong with her, that she is dying, that she is an alcoholic… nor do they know what all I do to help her… all the hospital stays, all the drunk dealings, all the police calls, all the managing her affairs.... they have no clue!

But they left me a private well not so private now as I posted it! they said: You’re a horrible person for not telling her that then. If you love her and care for her, don’t comfort her with lies. That’s worse than what those people are doing to her.

Trust me deep down Jo knows they are using her! she knows they are stealing from her but she does not need me telling her that…

She needs calm and peace in her life and when she gets tired of it… it needs to be her that comes up with that idea…not me!

She has a hard enough time dealing with the cirrhosis, out of control diabetes, kidney disease, a schizophrenic son.....and much more… she does not need me to tell her a few people in her life are just using her for money…

I just wish I was as perfect as that noter…

WildflowerHeart March 16, 2024

Lovely how people can just make snap judgments based on the headlines of one entry. Fuck. Even I don't do that and I'm reputed to be an asshole. Most of the people I leave notes on I have followed since OD days so I'm a lot more familiar with the whole picture as opposed to one entry but I would never tell someone they're a horrible person!

Jodie March 16, 2024 (edited March 16, 2024)


Question? How long have you been receiving notes and answering her? Does she even know who Jo is and has she seen a picture of her? I wonder if she has any bad habbits? I think she is too stupid to even come to any conclusion. And of course she has no entries posted. I think she is a scammer and a troll.

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