MCM beverage cart in Hi This is Kat!

  • March 6, 2024, 11:50 a.m.
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This cart is so cool! Perfect for pool side I saw it a couple weeks ago in this resale shop and I feel in love with it. She was asking 200 for it which is not bad but I tend to be a tight ass… I did get the price down to 175.
It will be perfect for Tucker Toms birthday party! I have two large canisters one for tea and one for lemonade matching plastic tub on bottom shelf for sodas and cups!

thinking my cool vintage goldfish glasses would look good on this tray

I have never in my life EVER wanted a drink cart but when saw this one it peaked my interest… I romanced the idea of where I could put it… What I would use it for… from the pool to a cool plant stand which in all reality is probably what it will be :)

the post on our front porch is rotten and the screws came out I hired a crew to come fix it next week. They also have a group that does gas lines so we will hire them when it is time to hook up the pool heater.

RueMorgen March 06, 2024

Nice find! I like a good bar cart.

theKat RueMorgen ⋅ March 06, 2024

thank you. I figured every old lady turning 62 needed one lol

Jodie March 06, 2024

I think what you got was a good deal and hope you use it well. By the way how is hubby doing with his new knee?

theKat Jodie ⋅ March 06, 2024

thank you for asking he is doing very well! and right now I have a bunch of plants on the cart lol

Sleepy-Eyed John March 06, 2024

Nice. :)

queenofegypt March 07, 2024

That is a fun find!

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