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  • Feb. 27, 2024, 10:08 a.m.
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Last night we slept with the windows open! the lows were mid 60’s. It felt amazing! It was 75˚ yesterday… today we have spring showers with the highs in the mid 70’s! I love it!
I sat on my front porch and drank my coffee! I miss doing that in the winter

I planted a hydrangea in a pot yesterday. I bought it for 5 bucks at my local grocery store… I guess it was marketed as a Valentine’s Day flower and they were just letting it die! I took it home and planted it and gave it a little love and water and it looks pretty good today! I have it in the kitchen until it is warm enough to go live on the patio or until I plant it outside. They do a lot better in ground and not as a potted plant but this will keep it a live until mid April.

I met Jo’s homeless handyman. He is so full of shit his eyes are surely brown! The first thing he said to me was isn’t jo a cutie pie… Um OKAY… then he said he heard my voice while Jo had me on speaker and he could tell I was hot hahahahhahahahahahaha Now I know he is full of shit!

Matthew is working on his doctorate… and I can see he is more stressed with school, kids, wife and home. Thankfully his work is funding it and giving him time to finish it.

Mark is doing better and can walk w/o walker or a cane but not sure they want him too as it has only been a bit over two weeks after his knee replacement.

I am still very slowly losing weight :) I am down 20 pounds!!! I think 10 more will be amazing and very doable. then will be a healthy weight.

I am grilled Hawaiian chicken tonight with an amazing strawberry, blue berry, pecan salad… I am feeding Jo and my mom…

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Jodie February 27, 2024

I think Jo's friend needs to be more medicated...I am not sure she is a sweetie pie and I wouldn't call you hot. Maybe your husband will call you hot but he is suppose to.

queenofegypt February 27, 2024

The hydrangea is so pretty!

Glad Mark is doing well.

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