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  • Feb. 11, 2024, 3:47 p.m.
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I cannot believe how much money we have put into the house the past 12 months or so! A new pool liner and new pool cover and pump which was probably 15 to 20,000. we had to get a new a/c furnace which was 14,000 and now we are getting ready to put a new heater in the pool another 5000. 5000 to cut down the tree in the front yard…probably over 50,000 for everything? Next we want to replace the windows
That is what you do to keep things working well
it’s only money is what my husband says… I am a bit more thrifty but in all reality we can not take the money with us when we die so why not enjoy it???

Next week they are running new gas lines under our home to put in the new pool heater… I am excited because we reopening the pool in April this year

I am rooting for Taylor Swift’s team in the Super Bowl hahahahah

Jodie February 11, 2024

It's one thing to get thongs fixed and replaced but the most omportant thing is to keep them maintained and serviced so they will keep you comfortable. I really admire you how you replace things before they actually break...Except for the furnace but that was working for about 25 years and it was about time to get another one. But in the long run you will save more then you paid for these things and that is the key...I wish my slum lord would just make sure everything worked right.

queenofegypt February 11, 2024

I can't believe pool season is approaching!

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