Death talk in Hi This is Kat!

  • Feb. 3, 2024, 10:25 a.m.
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Jo talks about death ALL the time! Kinda depressing but I listen! She told me to remember she gets extra insurance money if she dies at work… she has never told me that one but I guess it is for accidental death??? She also told be to be prepared… She said Randy will fight me for the money she is leaving me but not to worry we have it set up where he can’t get it. She does not want him to have a penny of the money her dad left her… I get that because years back when Randy inherited a bunch of money probably over a million(?) and he refused to get her car repaired or to help her get a new/used car. She has held that grudge over the years and I respect her feelings because he really was an ass to her! 

I wonder if she has admitted to herself that she has limited time left??? At times I feel she 100% knows she has less than a year to live but really is welcoming to that thought. she kinda wants to die as she tells me EVERY day that she wishes she were dead.... I am not sure if that is because of the pain she feels or the battle she fights with alcohol? She is pretty convinced that Cole and Randy steal from her when she is drunk and tells her she says things that she does not believe she said… So sad!

I am the beneficiary of her stocks and the beneficiary of two of her banks… his name is not on it at all… Lawyers have told us he really cannot go after the money and win but he might try???

Jodie February 03, 2024

I once asked my grandma if she could live to be 100. (I was 10 at the time) I told her I love her so much that I don't want ehr to die. But she told me the way her health was she doesn't want to live that long and if she lived another 15 years or so she would be happy. I never said anythingmore and th eday she did die i remebered what a wonderful person she was and I miss her everyday. I think Jo is just being realitic and she knows she can't live like this so th esooner she can stop the better she will feel and not be in anymore pain. And all the people who are left just have to accept it and say it was their choice.

idgaf_whatevs February 03, 2024

Dear Lord. That reminds me of my foster mothers last few years. Total alkie. She once embarrassed me right in front of some international students. And she had to get me to cook dinner for one bc she was too el blotto to do anything really.

theKat idgaf_whatevs ⋅ February 03, 2024

did she die from cirrhosis? I have heard many act like her

idgaf_whatevs theKat ⋅ February 04, 2024

She died of ovarian cancer....

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