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  • Jan. 24, 2024, 11:02 a.m.
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The past two weeks have been a whirlwind… Jo lost her phone and became unaccountable for her actions cause she was not checking in much with me because she has been in a drunker stupor. Yesterday she got a new phone…actually she let this homeless man she has taken under her wing. She lets him drive her car too as he has become her night time drive now that Marty had knee surgery! Soooo here’s a backtrack

Mark (that is the homeless man’s name) not to be confused with my mark!

Jo’s husband owns an old building his dads company used to be there. It is in the center of downtown. It is a bad area there is a homeless shelter down the road so the homeless men just hang around those couple blocks… Randy does not work and the business went out and building in disarray. He is a pack rat like Jo…

Well…. last fall Randy met this Mark. He is in his 50’s claims he owned a busness that went under and he got a divorce… now he is homeless. IN this area there are probably under 100 homeless people and 90% are because of drugs or alcohol or mental reasons…. There are ample of better paying jobs needing help and cheap rent for low income…. yet he is homeless so I have to wonder why???? Is he mental? Is he a druggie? Will he just kill her for a few thousand????? I WORRY!

Warn nights Randy would hang out in his company lot that is gated in…. there is a lean-to on the side of the building full of junk and an old nasty couch. Randy sits out there at night getting high…. one night Mark (homeless guy) walked up and smelt weed and started talking to Randy… they became get high friends…. Mark is able bodied so Randy was paying him to help clean up the place and repair the roof…. SOOOOO Jo decided to start hiring him to do things for her. clean up leaves… for him to go outliers on her car….. odd jobs that jo cannot do DRUNK!

Now the condo pipes burst… she hires him to stop the water and repair holes and drywall… so every night they hang together at the casino and jo foots the bill! She lets him drive her car and doesn’t even know if he has a drivers license! Now……she is letting him stay FREE at the condo if he does little things and cleans it up… She does not know him! He will probably rob her blind but first he is going to ride on her apron strings as long as he can.

When she is drunk and with him… they sounded like a couple! laughing and joking. she would talk to me on speaker and he would answer for her and they would laugh! I said Jo, do you want to come over to eat this week… and he jumped in and said yes, I would love to…. He did that several times… it was weird!!!! I have never even met him. so I can see why she said Randy was jealous…. she is just putting herself in the cheating position again 🙁

She called me this morning sober! so I was able to tell her some of my concerns… I am always honest with her. I know alcohol does some mental change but so does cirrhosis… it gives you personality change and other judgment issues. As her POA I try to at least help her make healthier choices! I wish I could get her to quit drinking!

I see a nightmare at the end of this tunnel! I can see Randy killing her or him for cheating. I can see this mark trying to seduce her to try to get money because she lets him know every day that she has millions! I can see this Mark guy killing her to get money… or killing her when she ends the gravy train.. I can see him slipping her drugs and her over dosing… I see Randy filling for a divorce again….

and to top it off Cole has tested twice in a row for diluted urine…. probably not good

Jodie January 24, 2024

I hate to have to say this but I have a strong feeling that Jo will be seriously hurt or even killed and then this Mark guy will be in jail.
I am sorry that Jo is going so don hill that she can't turn around and go back up.

idgaf_whatevs January 28, 2024

Jo seems to be needing intervention... like seriously Kat. :(

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