RED FLAGS... everywhere in Hi This is Kat!

  • Jan. 22, 2024, 10:56 a.m.
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I worry about Jo… She lost her phone a week and half ago… she still has not even bothered to buy a new one or really even look in her messy car… I bet 100 dollars that is in the car. She is a hoarder and her car is so full of junk and trash  it would take 3 or 4 trash bags to clean it up! BUT who does not at least really hunt for a lost phone?

She has had a lot of strange behavior just like that… She opted to just let her condo insurance lap… and now the pipes in the condo froze up and busted flooding the neighbors condo as well as hers.. So does she call a plumber? NO She lets this homeless guy her husband has been hanging with go in there to work! WTF!!!! She is now letting him sleep there too FREE! 

This man became into the picture several months ago.... Randy owns an old building in the down town area… he pretty well lives at this old shop. (WEIRD) There is no shower and only a heating plate and small fridge he sleeps on an old mattress that lays on the cold concrete floor… There is a homeless shelter down the road and that is how this man entered their life. 

Jo started hiring him to clean leaves out of an elderly friends gutter, to repair minor things, to help clean up the shop… she hired him to put new tires on her car and he put used ones on it and kept the money! BUT yet she claims he has done more for her than Randy ever did!!!!!

RED FLAGS everywhere!

I am sure this many is going thru everything finding money jo left in the condo …jo is notorious for leaving money EVERYWHERE… 20 in this drawer 100 on the night stand.... She already was upset that Randy still her condo key and searched thru it. she knew he had been there cause he cleaned out the fridge and beer cans....

NOW she is obsessed with getting Cole out of the house  The house is pretty trashed as nothing has been repaired in 25 years and probably has not been cleaned for20 years.... I think she believes if she gets Cole out this guy will help clean and repair the house… it is so cluttered and dirty Randy stays at the shop or cabin and Jo bout the condo but it only took 6 months to trash that place. Now she lives mostly at the casino …

SO yea I worry about the slipping of her mental health! Her judgement is off!

If you know anything about last stage cirrhosis you also know that this happens… As her POA I do not know where or when I should intervene… I hate seeing her so stressed and unstable. 

She tells everyone that she is a millionaire which makes me afraid someone will kill her to get money! I can’t imagine telling strangers how much money I have and then knowing they are desperate and possibly druggies… and letting them stay in my home!!!!

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