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  • Jan. 14, 2024, 10:07 a.m.
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I remember as a child thinking when I come back next time I am going to have long dark hair like that little girl… it is an odd thing for a 4 year old to think on their own. I was never told that people are reincarnated… I never heard of people really dying yet. It was just a very strong thought I had in passing that has stayed with me all these years…

They say kids are more apt to remember a past life… I wonder if that is why I was so sure that is who I was going come back as and I was sure I had choice to pick.

I have always felt that I once lived in the early 1900’s in a very large house with a huge front porch. I have feeling of me being a teen on the porch talking to kids my age… I also have such a vivid memory of me as a 4 or 5 year old in this huge house dressed up for church or some event. I was told to sit on this bench in the foyer… I remember laying on the bench being bored and slipping to the floor and noticing the sunlight flickering thru the mail slot in the door! It is so real. I NEVER lived in a house with a foyer as a child nor do I ever remember being in a large house like that. those are the only two weird memory type feeling I have. They both are very uneventful so odd for those two very casual things would be what I recall.
I do know that when I am in in an old part of any city with the very large homes I flash back to those memories

Jodie January 14, 2024

I always thought my first second cousin was re-incarnated from my grandfather when he passed...She is even named after him....I am not due if she looks like him but she does look like my cousins.

theKat January 14, 2024

mine is more like a memory flash back in time with the dress, decor, and era of the 1900's it is weird

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