Toms broke Ford, schizophrenia and bro taking advantage in Just Life

  • Dec. 3, 2023, 7:03 a.m.
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My brother Toms new to him Ford truck wouldn’t start yesterday. My brother works at McDonald’s. I brought my husband with me we tried to charge it for the blue Ranger not to turn over. I told Tom let’s go to Advance Auto and have them check the battery. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t that before I told him I think the terminals are just dirty on the battery and his terminals just need replaced. When we found out the battery was fine I bought him a tool to clean his connectors so we could make it to the garage.

I gave Tom the connectors from the garage. My brother got some of his old tools from dad’s garage. I don’t mind him taking his own tools what bothers me is when he starts getting sticky fingers. When his wife was alive he couldn’t work because of her illness. He used to steal from mom a lot when she had schizophrenia which pissed me off. I changed the locks and told him he will not take advantage of our mentally ill mother. I went as far as calling a lawyer in to prevent him from taking advantage. He is only allowed in the garage under my supervision.

My brother knows my husband and I are trying to fix my deceased dad’s 4 wheeler to use it on the property. Tom tried to ask for it. I reminded him mom is protected person she isn’t allowed to sell any property or give it away without mine or lawyers permission. Tom said it’s unfair I set it up like that. He was taking advantage of mom when her mental health was worse so I took over her estate to stop him from manipulating. When he realized if he stole he would go to jail he moved out leaving me care for my schizophrenic mother by myself. He abandoned all his things in the apartment mom owns. I hope someday he will finish moving his things out so I can tear down the apartment. It’s in bad shape. It is only being used for storage.

My mom is better. Her schizophrenia is mostly gone. She doesn’t hear voices anymore. She willingly takes her medicine. Obviously she will never be permanently healed but with meds she is better. She lives in my home while I remodel the house she destroyed during her mental breakdown. I love mom. I hope after I am done fixing it I can move her back into her family home with us. Mom can never live alone again. She has difficulty paying bills and cooking. My husband and I care for her and obviously protect her. We often have to remind her why bathing is important.

Tom abandoned his animals off on mom. When mom got ill I decided to adopt her pets as my own. I have been training the dogs Lemon and Baby to do tricks and even moms feral cat Shy to do tricks. We have been socializing Shy hoping after he takes I can get him neutered and try to tame him to live in my house. His son Cinder and his gf Turtle lives in my house.

I am proud Tom collected money to get him a truck. I wish Tom would fix my mom’s Silverado and I can use the truck to haul off the garbage I have been cleaning at moms. I told Tom he can use dad’s garage to fix his Ford if Tom can teach Talan vehicle repair.

I at at work now. I need to check on breakfast. I feel lucky I slept in the middle of the day yesterday Tom and stayed up playing with mom’s dogs and cat catching up on old times. I miss how Tom used to be but I see he is getting better.

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