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  • Nov. 30, 2023, 9:09 p.m.
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My husband kept fighting with me that I have to many clothes. He has been fighting me for months. Today he argued with me and made me throw half of my clothes away. I was going to give them to my friends who needed them but he argued until I dropped them off in the Goodwill bin to be sure I won’t pull any of them out. I cried and argued with him till I think I turned blue. He stared at me saying I better not dare buy new clothes all I thought was watch me mother fucker!

He had me throw away warm clothes in the winter because he said I can’t be like my hoarder mother. When my mom tried to walk into mine and his bedroom he slammed the door in her face and told her not to get involved.

I called my husband mom and told Dee come get her fucking son. I am done. I told him get the fuck out of my house. When he realized I separated him clothes from mine. I told him it’s his choice lose the attitude or leave. He said he didn’t want to leave so I reminded him being a bitch to me makes him single and homeless. When I mentioned a divorce suddenly the argument was over.

I have been home due to COVID over a week. I just recently been allowed in public with a mask. My husband and I took out Siamese cat Cinder to Pet Supplies Plus and bought litter trays for our litter robot. We took Cinder to visit his father a Siamese cat named Shy, and 2 dogs named Lemon and Baby. My husband and I let them play.

Today I learned Cinder’s favorite cake is sponge cake after the cat eat half my husband cake. When we took the cat for a car ride he got ham and turkey off of our sandwich. We gave it to the cat happily ate it off the dash.

Today I told Talan get a job or get the fuck out of he has that much energy to act like an ass it’s obvious he needs a job to work off his excess energy.

Today I bought him lunch,took the cat to the pet store where the cat rode in his pet friendly mesh bag. I gave my husband money for him to gather materials to make wine. I even told him when we got home I would clean up a bag of clothes he still argued with me.

Only after months of living off of me watching me cry and threatening to leave him homeless did he finally put in his first job application. Really mother fucker?

Tomorrow I got to get up at 4 am to serve breakfast at the hotel. As long as I wear a mask 3 more days I can safely be in the public.

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