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  • Nov. 12, 2023, 10:09 p.m.
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Today my husband Talan,Cinder and I went to Summerville. Cinder our cat loves naps and travels great in vehicles. He slept most of the way. We went to the Summerville Lighthouse. I was hoping to climb up that but it was closed by the time we got there. I got a picture of the lighthouse. We visited the park near Summerville lake where we walked Cinder on his leash. The kitten explored the park happily. We played with him with laces the kitten chased them playing happily. The kids at the park started calling the cat loud excited.

Cinder rides on Talans shoulder around the park for little bit. He remind me of a parrot when the kitten does this. We put him on the ground he scratched and climbed a tree. The kitten ran up the path chasing the leaves. The cat has a tiny body harness and a leash on that we mainly keep on for his protection. We are thinking getting Cinder a retractable leash so he had have more flexibility in movement.

At the dam we walked to the overlook and got a few pictures and let the kitten play a bit. We drove across the road to look at Howell Bunger Valve. They control the flow of the water in Summerville Lake. They are massive at 9 feet tall these devices make me feel tiny. I took a photo of it earlier.

I wanted to go to the lake but there was a sign that said no pets. My husband wouldn’t let me go walk around the lake because he knows I would take Cinder with me on his leash. I refuse to leave this beautiful baby alone in my car. He is far to little for him to be alone. I pouted and drove towards home.. so unfair.

My husband and I took Cinder to visit his Siamese daddy Shy. Shy and Cinder took turn playing with toys and eating treats. Shy is feral we been trying to tame him for the last 2 years but around his son he kept chirping and wanting to play. I enjoyed Cinder and his daddy Shy enjoying one another.

We are trying to socialize Cinder with mom’s dogs because I hope after the remodel I can move all the pets together and everyone can live happily. The remodel will take a long time.

In case you are wondering we are training Cinder to ride in cars and travel with us. We hope Cinder will enjoy hiking in a park with us with a harness,leash and supervision.
I got to be up at 4 am so I got to sleep.. night

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