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  • Nov. 11, 2023, 9:36 p.m.
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Today my husband and I went to Piney Creek Preserve. We walked to Cranberry Creek Cascades and White Stick Falls. Our Siamese kitten Cinder came with us. We are still trying to leash train him. Most of the trip we carried him in our mesh dog backpack or we carried him in our arms.Cinder is an adventurous cat. He played in the leaves and felt the mud between his toe beans. He was having so much fun. I noticed he was shivering on the trail and I told my husband Talan I wanted to get Cinder a jacket for the later months. My husband said it’s ridiculous to clothe an animal. I told him if Cinder is cold Cinder will have a jacket. Talan said but Cinder has a fur coat. I told Talan Cinder was born August 8th he still has issues modifying his temperature. Cinder will have a jacket.

I went to my moms I fed her dogs and played with her cat Shy. Shy is Cinder’s Daddy. I have been trying to tame Shy for 2 years. While Talan played with Cinder in the car I was in mom’s house playing with Shy. I pet Shy,gave him treats and played with his favorite cat fishing pole. I am trying to tame Shy to someday try to get him neutered and move him into my house. Shy is bonded with mom’s dogs Lemon and Baby. She cat and the dogs love each other. They have created a bonded social unit.

Turtle Cinder’s mom where she was raised with these dogs doesn’t know how to meow. She only barks and growls. It’s funny because Cinder tries to imitate his moms imitation dog growls. I moved Cinder and Turtle to my house after the kitten was born. Cinder has bonded with my husband and Everytime I go to see my husband playing a videogame Cinder is asleep on him. Turtle and Cinder adapted with my cats they seem happy.

In the mornings if I sleep through my alarms Turtle the tortoise shell cat barks while her son meows. They wake me up scratching the door. My other cats Ziggy,Harley Quinn,Coal and Ash help Turtle wake me up with furry meowing and barking protest. They know I have to be awake so when I sleep through my alarms the cats throw a fit. They have saved my job many times.

After Talan I and Cinder got done walking the small part of the Piney Creek Preserve we took Cinder to Pet Smart. We bought him a body harness because he outgrew his and we bought him some kitty toys. Cinders favorite new toy is the ribbon want. He played with it until he fell asleep in my husband’s arms.

You know when I found out I was pregnant in February I was praying for a miracle but I miscarried. I had no idea Turtle would bring my Cinder to teach me an idea what it’s like to be a mother.. I love my 6 cats I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Cinder replaced my broken heart and taught me to love. He isn’t the baby I wanted but he is the baby I needed.

My husband and I plan to learn about more trails in our area and go on more walks. My mom is doing well her medication has improved her schizophrenia.The voices have stopped. We often have to remind her to shower and we have to help her safely cook for herself. Her skills are improving. I pay her bills because she forgets. She is stable. She loves binge watching TV series. She just finished Supernatural. I guess it’s time to find her something new to watch. Most of the time either Talan and I are observing her. Once in a while Talan and I go on walks at local parks for exercise if I thought mom was bad mentally I wouldn’t be going to parks and leaving her for an hour. Latuda works great. She is tons better.

I got to get up at 4 am to prepare food at the hotel. My husband stays home to care for my mom now. He doesn’t like to work so instead begging him to get a job I decided him caring for mom can be his job. He realizes taking care of Mom has its advantages.

I need to figure out what little jacket I plan to get for Cinder. Cinder wears a cute bow tie when he goes out. Ziggy didn’t want to go today so I don’t make him. Ziggy likes going out but he decided it’s to cold for his achy bones. I have had Ziggy since 2014.. if he says he don’t want to go I let him stay home. Cinder is excited for the adventure.

Night y’all.

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