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  • Nov. 4, 2023, 10:38 a.m.
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I will never understand why I miscarried but God knew I had room in my heart for more. When Turtle and Shy had their kitten I brought him home. With Turtle and Cinder in my home my heart has grown 3 times.. I wanted my baby instead I brought 2 cats home to show me what motherhood is.. once I tame Shy Cinder’s daddy I plan to add another member to my family.. I know 6 cats are a lot currently but there is no shame being known as the crazy cat lady.. my angels have whiskers and tails. :)

Since my ministroke in 2021 I have been trying to recover. I struggled to walk and talk the first 3 months. I struggled to swallow food and my vision gave me difficulty for a bit. Here it is 2023 I thought I was doing a lot better. I noticed I have numbness on the left side of my body,weakness on the left side and numbness in my hand. I was sent to physical rehabilitation to strengthen my core and left side. I noticed during planking I was having a lot of abdominal pain and got nauseous. As soon as I left my appointment I ended up throwing up. At first I hoped I might be pregnant again instead I had a surprise.

The adominal pain got so worse I went to the bathroom every 30 seconds. I was frustrated because I missed our cat Cinder’s first vet appointment. Talan talked to the vet about Cinders eye infection while I cried in the bathroom. I kept begging my husband to take me to the doctor. My husband kept telling me it’s just a kidney stone it isn’t that big of a deal. I kept getting hot and cold flashes gagging trying not to throw up. He took me to a clinic even though I begged to go to the hospital. He said I was over exaggerating my pain. When I cried like I did during the miscarriage he decided take me to the clinic. There the doctor said the kidney stone is stuck in the ureter and I have a severe bladder infection. I was so sick parts of the bladder was sloshing off coming off in bloody chunks. I had a small fever. I was sent to the emergency room by the clinic. My husband took Cinder home and came back to be with me.

When they told me to pee in the cup so they can test my urine I pushed as hard as I can crying out. I had lots of pressure and pain. It was the first time since Tuesday I managed to pee more than an ounce. I cried because I saw the 4 mm kidney stone. Who knew something so tiny can cause me so much pain? I told the doctor my kidney stone came out tears running down my face. The doctor looked at me like I was crazy. Never did I feel more accomplished about something I almost messaged my best friend Tella to say I gave birth to a kidney stone!

In the emergency room I was sent for a ct scan. The doctor got very quiet for a moment she came back into the room to tell me I have had that kidney stone since 2013. My body couldn’t pass it. The clinic from earlier this week on Tuesday gave me a pill called Flomax. Flomax relaxed my ureters enough for the kidney stone to start going down the tubes. I ended up with an infection because the kidney stone tore into the ureter getting stuck causing my infection. I was given a toridol shot some antibiotics and sent home.

My husband realized my kidney stone is from 2013 he asked which was more painful the kidney stone or him picking on my and agrivating me since our relationship began in 2013. I told him the kidney stone only hurt me a short time 3 times in 10 years. I pointed out he aggravates the shit out of me all the damn time. I hurt his feelings because I told him the kidney stone has bugged me a shorter about of time. Most of the time I didn’t even feel the kidney stone. He was so offended. When I tell you take me to the damn hospital I mean it! Yes he deserved the insult.

The doctors gave me off till Monday. They told me go rest take my antibiotics and relax. I know I need to go pay bills but damn I am so tired.

My mom has been sleeping a lot. She has been very well behaved. I played with her feral cat Shy. He loves a fishing pole toy. Where the bait is supposed to be there is massive feathers. We are using the toy and treats to try to socialize this cat. We are hoping to tame Shy and get him fixed. His partner is Turtle and Cinder the kitten is his son. Turtle and Cinder live at my house. We take care of Shy and 2 wonderful dogs named Lemon a cattle dog and Baby a rat terrier Chihuahua mix. I wanted to give Lemon,Baby and Shy away but they are bonded. I hope someday to socialize them all but until then I am doing the best I can.

I am off until Monday. I got to go fill my medicines pay the bills and rent. Where I still have a bladder infection I feel like shit.

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