Halloween in Hi This is Kat!

  • Nov. 1, 2023, 3:12 p.m.
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here are a few pics of Halloween.

Our neighborhood is the drop off point of the county lol I really mean that. We are famous for good candy and lots of it. It was the first upscale estate subdivision built in our area… built in the 1989. This is a small community and I guess subdivisions were just becoming popular here as most homes were on the grid not enclosed or gated communities . Remember this is southern Indiana.

I was drawn to this area because it reminded me of old neighborhoods with large homes but a bit more modern so they aren’t money pits lol
I loved all the mature trees here… this was an orchard at one time that also had lots of hardwood trees and they tried to save as many trees as possible.

People in my neighborhood do not park their cars on the street Seldom do they park in the their driveway as most keep their cars in the garage until they need it. On Halloween cars from other areas line our streets to trick or treat. The kids loved me this year because it was so cold and I bought so so so much candy I gave each kid a handful of candy. I knew most cold not handle the cold too long. I also pass out pumpkin buckets to kids with torn bags or no bag. some just use their pockets. I don’t give out many but two or three a halloween.
I always have two or three kids that win my heart… one was a lil girl all by herself parents on the side walk. I gave her a bucket and put a handful of candy in it! she lit up and ran all way to her mom.... look look I got a pumpkin :) and one boy who was about 10 I gave him a handful and he said I hit the jackpot! two almond joys! lol

Jodie November 01, 2023

I like the pictures. Was there a lot of fire crackers and fire works? Sounds like you made everyone happy...I am comming next year, just for the candy...

theKat November 01, 2023

no fireworks are only legal around the 4th of July.... but once in a while you will hear a few go off on New years but never on halloween

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