Kidney stones,burning toast,blind kitties in Just Life

  • Oct. 30, 2023, 6:59 a.m.
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Two days ago I left work early because I was in such pain from a kidney stone I was sobbing loudly in the bathroom. I manage to pass a tiny kidney stone but I cried out. My boss was going to have me stay and clean up but after my Loud sobs and scaring the customers I was sent to the hospital instead. I wasn’t able to pee part of the day. I was miserable. They xrayed me couldn’t find the kidney stone but they found lots of blood in my urine. They confirmed my kidney stone. I was given diuretics and sent home.

Yesterday at work I was having bladder pain and I suddenly had the urge to urinate. I passed a blood clot about the size of a pinky nail. I covered my mouth to stop me from yelling out. After that I could pee without issues. I spent most of the day sleeping after I went home.

At work yesterday I was preparing bacon to be cooked for a fire alarm to go off. I ran into the lobby to discover someone who was visiting the hotel turned the oven up to high catching the toaster oven on fire I was fanning the fire out with a plate and fanning the fire detectors trying to turn them off. Several customers cussed me swore it was my fault. Y’all cremated toast. We should have grieved for its passing it was so toasty. Some customers just watched me as if I was a real life soap opera. Hope you enjoyed the damn entertainment. That was free with your room!

Any advice to deal with enflamed eyes? Cinder my kitten eyes keep swelling shut. This morning he was blind Banging his head on the door meowing. My husband promised me will clean Cinders eyes so the kitty can see. I think my husband is going to lay down and hope Cinder will take a nap.

I am going to see a psychiatrist today for my depression. I hope he helps me..

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