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  • Oct. 26, 2023, 6:38 p.m.
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It’s obscene that it’s been over a year since I’ve written here. I check in to read daily, but I never kept putting off writing. Well, I guess the problem is mostly that I read on my phone and refuse to write on my phone. I’m on a computer all day for work but I work for Big Tech and I know they have the ability to spy on me. It’s probably illogical since they also have spyware on my personal phone, and I do all sorts of other personal things on my work computer.. but still, writing a journal entry seems like a step too far.

My page just froze and I had to reload. Is that normal for this site now? Is it a sign?

I think the biggest update I have to share from the past year is that I bought a home. Well, a townhome. Technically a condo. But it cost me over half a million dollars, so I’m calling it a home. It is two bedrooms + a bonus room, 3 full baths and one half bath, a tandem garage, is and 1600 sq ft. Built in 2004. It’s within walking distance of Lake Washington, and is about a 20 minute drive to Seattle.

It was a giant disaster in the beginning - a few days after I closed I hired a company to tear out the carpet and put in hard floors. A few hours into the job and I get a frantic text from the guy on site asking me to please come, there was a water leak. I instructed him how to shut off the water, but it didn’t stop the leak! I rushed over, and long story short, they had punctured a fire sprinkler pipe on the 3rd floor. Fire sprinkler pipes are HIGHLY pressurized and designed to dump a lot of water out very quickly, so when there’s a leak.. it’s not minor. Water rained down all three floors of my townhouse. The fire dept came to shut off the sprinklers, and then a specialized plumber came out to fix the pipe. The flooring guys had used unnecessarily long staples, and the pipe was also too close to the floor. It was a freak accident, really.

It delayed my move by like three months and cost (insurance) like $50k in damages. Luckily the floorer’s insurance accepted liability. I say luckily because throughout this process I learned that my homeowners insurance sucked ass and was woefully inadequate, so this whole process at least taught me how to buy a decent insurance policy that has enough coverage in the event that like, my entire place is destroyed or something.

But that was months ago. I’m now moved in and content. I fired the original floorers and got a new company, and I love the floors I got.

There have been little maintenance issues since I moved in, like the toilet running too much or the garbage disposal being blocked, that I’ve had to deal with. But I think I got the biggest homeowner headache out of the way in my first week of home ownership. The whole thing is still intimidating when I think about it too much, like I feel like there is a long list of things I should know about but don’t, or things I’m neglecting to do. It makes me wish I had trustworthy and helpful parents to call for advice. I just try to take it one day at a time.

This page is freezing constantly now?!
This felt good, I want to write regularly again.

irate velociraptor October 26, 2023

Yikes! What a mess! Glad their insurance covered it!

Neogy Titwhistle October 26, 2023

Congrats on the new place! 3 1/2 bathrooms to clean! Lucky you? Are you still driving what you moved out there with? And yeah, this site may be dying. Traffic seems to be way down. Kind of like a ghost town. But every once in a while someone not heard from in a long while will pop up, like you! It is nice to hear your update. Be well, my friend!

Emily Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ October 26, 2023

I only use two of the four toilets, lol. I'm not driving the same car, no. I have a leased rav4.

Wrennie October 27, 2023

Yay! Nice to see you and congrats on the home! very exciting! :)

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