Thanks. Part of my mullygrubs is that I'm not really in conversation with anyone, at all. My younger friends are out of college and have gotten jobs, gotten kids, and "gotten real," God bless 'em, and they're just not in the same "undergraduate" "what is all this?" mode anymore that I never really left. And I shook off almost all of my OD readers with a dry spell or two long ago even before it went offline. It can make me think that the bit of me that is to an extent not consistent with the disheartening parts of the summary is... a verbose, quivering appendix, of questionable significance or value, at all, if it is not exchanging with anyone. "What does it matter what may swarm in the fool's noodle?" is a toxic thought to have in with your others. (Some of that conversational level that I'm not involved in then starts to seem like it's not happening generally, at large, or not as much or as well, which is a worry I do have seriously... which in turn makes me worry that I'm more like a dinosaur's appendix.)

Ordinary personal solipsism guards against such feelings, but that's something the part of my head that I've worked on has trained itself specifically to try to see through. Irony, if you like. And such nonconcern works best when things are generally going well in any case.

Things continue to threaten to push themselves to the surface of their own weight, though. Some things I have been meaning to write about for a while, besides my cat:

---Funding, for the U.S. and the other countries, of the ITER fusion project in France, its problems, and what this says about how we think about the future and about science and scientists;
--- An extraordinarily rude person I had an exchange with awhile back;
--- The recent guaranteed-income low-level discussion in the States, and some things about the open-source movement, 3-D printers, and how some technology isn't improving in some ways, which, if I do it right, again combine to say things about the question of the proper purpose of the whole game, as opposed to how we think (or don't think) of it;
--- Somewhere I am going to need to brainstorm out the problem of how to revive my children's-book effort, the draft of which capsized for good and nasty structural reasons but which leaves a hole in the world for me if I don't/can't do it, because some things about critical thinking as I see it would remain untaught to my knowledge;
--- Some things I may use the phrase "political solipsism" for, including idealism that is interested in "being idealistic!" but that isn't interested in the boring necessities for its own success, and the apparent importance, argued in a couple of places, that people concerned about global warming believe that the course-change is going well (this from people concerned!; you may find this one fascinating);
--- Other stuff. (I think I am using this reply as a to-do list. -smiles-)