Galaxycon, car sick and autographs in Just Life

  • Oct. 15, 2023, 10:26 p.m.
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On the way to Galaxycon I warned Justin I was getting car sick. I begged Tella to switch seats with me hours ago. She said she reserves the right to sit beside her ex husband even though she knows I get car sick. I begged Justin to pull over at a rest stop. I manage to get less than 10 step away from the car and I threw up all my medication and my entire breakfast. Poor Michael who has a queasy stomach anyway saw me and decided he too needed to vomit. Tella and Justin just stood there shocked for a moment for Tella to say she guessed the Dramamine she got me obviously didn’t work. I was tempted the punch her in the gut instead I went to the bathroom to wash the vomit out of my mouth. I was embarrassed and cried for a moment. After I rinsed my mouth I took another Dramamine.

On the way to the bathroom at a truck stop I saw a sign that said Love and in the O it said Virginia is for lovers. I pulled Tella out of the car who was wearing a black and orange pumpkin dress with matching pumpkin shoes she bought on Temu and I took a photo of my beautiful best friend. She swears the dress makes her 320 pound frame look round yet at the Galaxycon she kept getting compliments from random con goers. I think she needs to relax. Health is important yes but love the skin you are in!

At Galaxycon my friends Michael and Tella help me slide into my inflatable costume. When I put it on it makes me look like a person riding an ostrich. After we had a good laugh I waddled into the building where several people stop to take pictures of my costume.

I saw a cosplayer dressed in the Lydia Deetz red wedding dress and I even saw a woman dressed at Elvira Mistress of the dark. I saw more excited by these 2 cosplayers than the celebrities I could get signatures from.

Michael got his action figure of Chip from Small Soldiers signed by the director Joe Dante. Michael was so excited he had an anxiety attack and difficulty talking. Michael was told by Joe Dante calm down he is fine. They took a great photo.

Tella got a photograph signed by the voice actress Maggie Robertson. She did the voice for Alcina Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. Tella got it signed for her boyfriend Tyler. Maggie wrote “I want your body Tyler.” I never played the game but I think there’s a reason for concern.

Tella is obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas so she got the voice actor who played Jack Skellington to sign her a picture. Tella was excited to see Chris Sarandon.

I had Chris Sarandon to sign me a Jack Skellington picture. I also went and got a photograph signed by Daniel Kountz. He was good looking. I can see why the actress of Marnie fell in love with him. Kimberly J Brown looks just like she did in Halloweentown 2 in 2001. Kimberly J Brown complimented me on my inflatable ostrich that I look like I was wearing. I thanked her and I was dying to ask her makeup tips. She is still beautiful.

I missed out on getting Dani from Hocus Pocus to sign an autograph. I couldn’t find Thora Birch anywhere.

It took 4 hours to get there for a two hour event. 4 more hours to get home but it was worth it.. I got to get up at 4 am to go to work but it’s worth it.

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